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A Valentine’s Special and a Story About Cold Water

It’s cold out there. Today I skied to the office!

Alaskan fishermen say that the cold waters of the North Pacific mean better metabolism for the fish, raising the oil content, making them richer, more buttery, and more delicious.

Our hook and line fishermen know this to be especially true for our wild salmon. When wild salmon are caught on hook and line, they are by definition actively feeding and therefore at the prime of their life cycle—bright with the freshest taste, the purest color, firm skin, perfect texture, and silky flavor.

Poached Ivory King Salmon with greens
Poached Ivory King Salmon


Fish nerds like me share this information with our spouses and friends, entertaining them for hours during romantic dinners. Speaking of which…What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

spot-prawns-crudoI’m making this spot prawn crudo as an appetizer and then making the”legendary” miso-marinade sablefish. A bottle of cava to accompany. This will, I’m sure, make the fish factoids more interesting.

I suggest you too make a similar heart-healthy meal or many more this month. It is February…American Heart Month. There are so many health benefits to eating wild seafood: rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, packed with vitamins and minerals, sustainable and pure, and a natural source of astaxtanthins (see chart below).


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We hope you’re well out there. Stay warm. Keep in touch. We love hearing from you.

wild salmon health benefits infographic