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Big Trouble Food Truck Spicy Poached Halibut Bowl

Food Truck Poached Halibut


The Big Trouble Food Truck makes wonderful handmade dumplings in the hometown of our business offices in Bellingham, Washington. In addition to the dumplings, Big Trouble offers noodles, wontons, and Asian-themed rice bowls and salads. Owners Brandon and Taryn, with help from Celeste, bring their delicious food to nourish the patrons of Bellingham’s famed craft breweries, such as Wander Brewing, Menace Brewing, Structures Brewing and Elizabeth Station.

Recently Big Trouble featured “Spicy Poached Halibut with Peppers” in a spicy doubanjiang broth with blistered shishito, fresno, and jalapeno peppers, along with onion, sweet potato, and nira chives. The dish features our Alaska Gold Halibut, served in a warm broth-y bowl, which was perfect for the cooler weather. Taryn didn’t want to give away any secrets, so we leave you here with inspiration to invent your own recipe and make your own spicy poached halibut bowl.


Big Trouble Food Truck Menu
The Big Trouble Food Truck Menu

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