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Get Started on a Healthy Routine with a $30 off coupon

There is no greater pride that we fishermen have than having our catch shared around a table by family and friends. When you buy from Alaska Gold Seafood, you are giving us fishermen a purpose, a place, a chance to be independent in our livelihoods, and the opportunity to bring you our nourishing catch with all our hard work behind it.

Charlie Piercy fishing at sunrise

Make our heart-healthy wild Alaska seafood a part of your routine. We’d like to offer our customers a $30 off coupon to start an Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program subscription.

And for those of you who are currently already part of the Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program, we are offering $30 off any item you’d like to include on your regular subscription order.

Use the following coupon code at checkout for $30 off:


What’s special about our Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program?

The Alaska Gold Club is a great way to make our line-caught Alaska seafood part of your regular routine. When you sign up for our Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program, you get a special price on our seafood delivered to your door on a regular basis. Sometimes customers opt for the default monthly delivery of our seafood and others prefer to receive our seafood deliveries every other month or every 6 weeks or every 2 weeks. We can help you set up your preferences.

Here is what our Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program members are saying:

“Having Alaska Gold as a resource has been a blessing. The quality, portions, flavors and ethics are all to be admired. I no longer ‘shop’ for salmon, I go straight to the source! You have made a salmon lover of my daughter. Side note: I struggle with cholesterol and my numbers are all down except my HDL ( good cholesterol) which is 68! GO SALMON! Laugh if you will but I have been searching for healthier choices of food in general and your site / company has been a blessing to my life! I cannot begin to tell you the difference I am experiencing in my health since consuming wild caught fish. I read about these things but I am living the reality of what I’ve read. Lower cholesterol, higher HDL, less joint pain; I’m sold. Thank you so much for being conscious as well as sustainable.” Rosie in New Jersey

“My husband and I purchased a bulk supply of coho salmon to last us through the month. The quality is fantastic! We feel very good about eating this fish and would recommend you guys in a heartbeat. We are Alaska Gold Club members and can’t wait for the next shipment. Thank you!” Jackie from Brooklyn

“We love the king salmon so much that the loyalty program just makes sense! So fresh and easy to prepare straight from frozen if you’re in a pinch for time like we often are.” Jacqueline from Loveland, Ohio

“I wanted to get more fish into our diet. We’ve received our first shipment and the second is on its way soon and we love it so far. Sablefish is a new favorite. We made a poke bowl dinner from the albacore tuna we received and it was soooo good. Loving that getting more sustainable and omega-3 rich seafood into our diet is such a no brainer with this package.” Desearae from Santa Clara, California

Albacore tuna poke.

Here’s how the Alaska Gold Loyalty Program subscription plan works.

When you sign up, your subscription renews each month on the same day. So, if you signed up on September 17th, your subscription will renew on October 17th if you signed up for a monthly subscription. You can modify your order and ship date by calling or emailing us.  You’ll get an email receipt when the subscription renews, and another email with tracking info when the order ships. We’ll ship on the first available ship date.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed on a monthly basis. This can be modified to bi-monthly,  weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, or with whatever frequency you’d like. Just contact us.

* OFFER EXPIRES October 20th.

*Coupon only applies to customers starting a new subscription.

Let us know how we can help–we’re always glad to help make your Alaska Gold experience special.