A Relentless Commitment to Quality

We're a fishermen-owned co-op based in Sitka, Alaska producing the finest line-caught wild salmon, halibut, sablefish, albacore tuna, and more.

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Alaska Gold Seafood

Alaska Gold Seafood is caught with pride by members of Seafood Producers Cooperative, a co-op owned and operated by quality-oriented fishermen. As fishermen, we produce the finest line-caught wild salmon, halibut, sablefish and albacore tuna.

Our relentless commitment to quality begins with the careful handling of our wild-caught seafood the moment it comes on board and continues all the way to when our customers receive our product. So many of our customers have been loyal to us for decades because of our dedication to quality and the extra personal touch that we provide. The attention to detail that inspires our One Hook, One Fish motto has been known by restaurants and retailers seeking quality since 1944. Our Alaska Gold Seafood website is where you can order our wild-caught Alaska seafood and have it delivered to your home.

Each member/owner of Seafood Producers Cooperative fishes using traditional hook and line methods. By using hook and line methods, members are able to put special care into each fish they catch, producing a final product of extraordinary quality. Because Alaska Gold Brand wild salmon, halibut, black cod and albacore tuna are caught on hook and line, they are actively feeding and at the prime of their life cycle—bright with the freshest taste, the purest color, firm skin, perfect texture, and the most robust flavor. Our One Hook One Fish At A Time philosophy is also a sustainable fishing method, reducing by-catch and minimizing impact on the ocean.

Seafood Producers Cooperative is based in Sitka, Alaska with a business office in Bellingham, Washington.

Our Alaska Gold Promise is “Guaranteed Quality Seafood and Convenient Home Delivery with Free Shipping.”