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Alaska Gold Seafood Survey

Dear Alaska Gold shoppers,

Every year we have asked customers to fill out a customer satisfaction survey in order to improve our business. We are hoping to get more insights into who you are and how we can better serve you. This year’s Alaska Gold survey has 13 questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  We know we are asking you to take time out of your day to complete this survey, so we are offering a $50 coupon for completion of the survey (valid on orders of $250 or more). In order to qualify for the coupon, please complete the survey by August 31st. 

This is a also good time to remind you our customers who we are. We’re a fishermen-owned co-op, which means that each one of our owners is a fisherman who owns a single share of the company that we operate. Each fishermen-owner votes on a Board of Directors, a group of fishermen peers who make the tough decisions on what’s best for our organization–for our fishermen-owners, for our processing plant in Sitka, Alaska, and for you our customers, who are the reason why we exist.

Since the fish we catch are wild, we’re particularly dependent on a lot of variables. Every season is different and we do as much as we can to be prepared for the unexpected. And these surveys let us test the waters and get a sense of what our customers expect from us and help us to decide what we can reasonably and consistently provide, based on what we have available.

We hope this email finds you well. Thank you in advance for completing the linked surveyPlease complete by August 31st. 

With gratitude,

The Folks at Alaska Gold Seafood