Albacore Tuna Recipes

Easy Hawaiian-Style Poke

This is our absolute favorite recipe for our sashimi-grade albacore tuna. Perfect for a day where you wished you were in Hawaii. *DF

Fresh Greek Tuna Salad

This quick, easy, and beautiful tuna salad recipe is sure to please. *GF

Seared Tuna and Wasabi Aioli

A delicious treat and quick to make, this Seared Tuna with Wasabi Citrus Aioli will add a little spice to your life.

Moroccan-Spiced Tuna

Inspired by the award-winning cookbook Jerusalem, this Seared Moroccan spiced albacore tuna recipe uses our sparkling clean sashimi-grade albacore tuna. *DF

Albacore Tuna Nachos

Kick off the game with these Albacore Tuna Nachos.