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  Stock up and save! We are a fishermen-owned co-op—100% owned and funded by fishermen with 100% of profits going to fishermen. Since 1944, we’ve had a relentless commitment to quality. Our strength is in producing quality seafood. Since we’re a co-op made up of hundreds of like-minded, quality-focused fishermen, we produce quality seafood in bulk. As the people who catch the fish, we produce premium-quality Wild Salmon, Halibut, Sablefish and more. When you order from Alaska Gold, you have a direct connection with the fishermen catching the fish. Delivering our fresh-frozen seafood is most cost-efficient with larger orders. When ... Read more

Since 1944 A Relentless Commitment to Quality: Celebrate the people behind our Alaska Gold Seafood

Dear Alaska Gold customers, Food has always been a human story. Food brings people together. We share community and fellowship with those we love by breaking bread with them. Food is sacred. It’s what we put in our bodies and gives us life. In the case of Seafood Producers Cooperative, producers put their hearts and souls into bringing a pure, wild, minimally processed protein to people who want to enjoy quality ingredients. The people behind this food work hard, each bringing their unique style and background to their craft.  The fishermen-owners of Seafood Producers Cooperative are a collective of optimists and ... Read more

Since 1944 A Relentless Commitment to Quality: The Formation of our Fishermen-owned Co-op

On May 12th, 1944 the legal contract for the formation of our fishermen-owned co-op was signed. During this month, we’ll share with you the history of our co-op in several stories, starting today with the story of how West Coast fishermen would band together to form our Seafood Producers Cooperative. Thanks to the courage of these original pioneers in 1944, we are here today and you can purchase our fish for home delivery at Thank you for being part of our history! The fishermen-owners of Seafood Producers Cooperative are some of the last producers of a pure, unadulterated wild ... Read more