Seafood and Health

Live Longer. Live Better. With Alaska Seafood

We can tout the vitamin D, the heart-healthy omega-3s, the lean source of protein, but what it’s really about is living better. We talk to so many customers who have switched to seafood as their primary source of protein. Many by their doctors’ recommendations, these customers stick with our Alaska Gold Seafood because of the great taste and because eating seafood makes them feel better. There are documented health benefits, but it’s general overall wellbeing that makes these customers for life. It’s worth noting: Eating fish two or three times per week can reduce risk of chronic disease. Eating seafood ... Read more

A Coho Salmon Recipe and the Health Benefits of Eating Mediterranean

Dear Alaska Gold customers, Our fishermen-owned co-op has been working hard to safely harvest the world’s best seafood. Serving our Alaska Gold Seafood offers a way of life and food security for southeast Alaska’s coastal communities and Americans all over the country who receive our seafood. This month we’re celebrating Mediterranean cuisine and wholesome routines with our premium-quality line-caught Alaska seafood. Plant-based diets that include seafood, such as a Mediterranean-type diet, are scientifically proven to be one of the best dietary approaches for the prevention of chronic disease and the improvement of overall health through nutrition. Combining plants and seafood together ... Read more

Celebrating Mediterranean Diets

Dear Alaska Gold customers, Years ago I spent some time living in Spain. I brought home a deep appreciation for food that I had never really had before. The emphasis on healthy high-quality ingredients with relatively simple preparations taught me not only to love food but also made me feel better. I’m not alone, as friends and family have had similar epiphanies while traveling in France, Italy, Greece and other parts of the Mediterranean region. There is a reason that people keep coming back to Mediterranean cuisine for health, longevity, overall wellbeing, and taste too. The emphasis on plant-based foods ... Read more

Sockeye Salmon and Astaxanthin

It’s difficult to pick a favorite salmon from all the line-caught wild salmon that Alaska Gold Seafood offers. All are great sources of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids and all are delicious. Wild Salmon truly is nature’s perfect protein! Our Alaska Gold Coho Salmon is mild, clean-tasting, and grills well. Our Alaska Gold King Salmon is big and rich with a luscious flake. Our Alaska Gold Keta Salmon is also mild with a faint and pleasant earthy flavor that is easy to blend with a wide range of recipes. Our Alaska Gold Sockeye Salmon is bold in flavor and loaded with vitamin ... Read more

American Heart Month. How Seafood Helps Promote Heart Health

Every year 610,000 people die from heart disease, the leading cause of death. Studies show that seafood consumption reduces the risk of dying from heart disease. One of the primary reasons that seafood, especially fatty fish such as wild Alaska salmon and sablefish, has been shown to reduce heart disease issues is because of the high content of the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), particularly in fatty fish like wild salmon and sablefish.   Omega-3 fatty acids are a part of every cell in our bodies, particularly in the cells of our eyes, heart and ... Read more

National Seafood Month. Live smarter and healthier with Alaska Gold Seafood.

October is National Seafood Month, and we’d like to highlight our Alaska Gold Sablefish and our  Alaska Gold Keta Salmon, the healthy qualities of Alaska seafood, and the importance of family meals. Our Alaska Gold Sablefish is rich, buttery and just loaded with omega-3s, the importance of which we’ll highlight in this and several other emails later this month. Our Alaska Gold Keta Salmon is a family-friendly and affordable way to get wild-caught salmon in our diets. Mild in flavor and affordable for families on a budget, share a meal together with your family with our Alaska Gold Keta Salmon. ... Read more

Make premium-quality wild Alaska Seafood part of your regular routine with our Alaska Gold Loyalty Program

There are so many reasons to make wild Alaska seafood a regular part of your diet.  Wild Alaska seafood… * helps restore and maintain mental health *relieves children’s asthma, *and even helps us live longer and more productive lives. Eating seafood two or three times per week can reduce risk of chronic disease. Making seafood a regular part of our diets not only lowers blood pressure, but can help potentially reduce risk of stroke, depression, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic diseases. Make premium-quality wild Alaska Seafood part of your regular routine with our Alaska Gold Loyalty Program.  Sign up for an ... Read more

How Seafood Helps Relieve Children’s Asthma

Might Wild Seafood alleviate children with asthma? An international study led by Australia’s La Trobe University has found that children with asthma who followed a healthy Mediterranean diet enriched with fatty fish had improved lung function after six months. We are finally figuring out that diets high in fat, sugar and salt can influence childhood development and might contribute to asthma in children. “Fatty fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. Our study shows eating fish just twice a week can significantly decrease lung inflammation in children with asthma.” The clinical trial involved 64 children aged ... Read more

Eat Wild Alaska Seafood and Live Longer

Image courtesy of Alaska Seafood Eat wild Alaska Seafood and live longer. It might seem like an outlandish claim that we’ve found the fountain of youth, but more evidence keeps showing up that that eating seafood might not only improve longevity, but the quality of life in old age. A recent study revealed that higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids found in cold water fish are associated with a lower risk of unhealthy aging (longer version of the study here). Another study, which looked at 2700 generally healthy American adults and how the Omega-3s in their blood affected their lives, showed that older adults with higher levels ... Read more

New Year…New Seafood Routine

Happy New Year!We hope you and yours are well. Hopefully you’re also starting the new year right with the recommended two to three servings of seafood per week to feed your body and mind. We have a lot of customers who only order our King Salmon. Some are very loyal to our famous Gourmet Canned Tuna. Some customers stick with the Halibut.We all have our routines. Without fail, every week I grill one of our Coho salmon fillets for a Salmon Saturday family meal. For a special weeknight meal, I make our Miso-marinated Sablefish. Tuesday nights, I make salmon tacos with our Easy Salmon. When I forget to bring ... Read more