Here are recipes made by our customers using our Easy Salmon.

Lemon Basil Easy Salmon Stuffed Pasta Shells

Easy Salmon Lemon Basil Pasta Shells


From Merry: “My family loves salmon; it is our number one fish. Easy Salmon in particular is just that ~ easy to incorporate into your weeknight meals! My family loves stuffed pasta shells; they are so easy to make! So why not combine both Easy Salmon and easy stuffed pasta shells? The results received raving reviews for fresh taste and great texture!”


Easy Salmon Buffalo Lettuce Cups

Easy Salmon Buffalo Lettuce Cups

From Lauren: “My family loves the flavor of buffalo wings, and on busy weeknights this is the perfect quick meal to fill them up. The warm salmon on top of the cool and crunchy blue cheese salad and lettuce is a crowd pleaser!”

30-Minute Easy Salmon, Wild Rice & Kale Soup

Wild Salmon Wild Rice Kale Soup

Here’s a note from Crystal: “Wild rice soup is something my family has been making for years- it’s one of our favorite meals! And wild rice is a wonderful whole food produced locally in the north woods of my home state of Wisconsin. Paired with fresh kale from our garden and nutrient-rich seafood- this 30-Minute Salmon, Wild Rice & Kale Soup is incredibly healthy and full of flavor!”

Easy Salmon Sesame Risotto

Easy Salmon Sesame Risotto plated

“I enjoy developing quick, easy and nutritious recipes using seasonal produce from my garden and ingredients I always have on hand, such as Alaska Gold’s Easy Salmon. Asian flavor are my favorite and they pair well with salmon. This colorful delicious dish makes a complete meal and is perfect for lunch or dinner.”

Asian Salmon Burgers by Amy

Asian Salmon Burger

From Amy: “My family and I LOVE salmon burgers.  I used to buy freshly made wild salmon burgers from the seafood department of my local grocery store because finely chopping a salmon fillet to make my own salmon burgers was just too much work.  I was so happy to find your Easy Salmon!  Making my own wild salmon burgers is now beyond easy.”

Hawaiian Easy Salmon Recipe: Aloha Ono

Hawaiian Salmon Recipe

Aloha Ono Easy Salmon Recipe

From Elaine: “My husband James and I recently visited Maui, Hawaii, and it was there that inspired me to create different dishes using pineapple and merging other delicate flavors to enhance the taste.  I hope my ‘Aloha Ono’ (meaning hello delicious) brings much joy and appetite when you all gather to have fun and eat. Mahalo!”

Asian-Inspired Easy Salmon Meatballs with Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce

Asian-inspired Easy Salmon Meatballs taking a bite

This Asian-Inspired Easy Salmon Meatballs with Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce Recipe is perfect for our Easy Salmon.

Easy Salmon Kheema Delight

Easy Salmon Kheema Delight

From Enoch: “Kheema is a traditional South Asian meat dish, which means minced meat. This recipe is easy to prepare. Feel free to add ingredients of your choice.”

Easy Salmon Quiche Recipe

Salmon Quiche

“Almost like a soufflé, light and delicate, this Easy Salmon Quiche recipe is delicious.”

Easy Salmon Thai Red Curry with Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Easy Salmon Thai Rec Curry Recipe

“…an even better, gluten, grain, egg, dairy, and soy free Easy Salmon Thai Red Curry Recipe!”

Easy Salmon, Leek and Potato Hash with Egg(s)

Easy Salmon Leeks and Potato Hash Recipe

“…a recipe that can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner……Salmon, Leek and Potato Hash with Eggs.  My family loves this recipe because it looks amazing, tastes fantastic and is a great source of protein and healthy fats.”

Alaska Gold Easy Salmon Flautas with Cilantro Lime Gremolata

Easy Salmon Flautas

“…festive and decadent, yet simple and nourishing…I feel good knowing my children had a healthy meal at the end of a busy day.”

Easy Thai Salmon Balls Recipe

Thai Salmon Balls

“My husband and I were amazed with the texture and fresh taste of the Easy Salmon. Ideas of using the Easy Salmon have been spinning in my head. So I came up with Salmon Meatballs with a red coconut sauce. They came out delicious!”

Easy Salmon Caesar Salad Recipe

Jessie writes: “I just want to make something simple, easy and healthy for my family when I get back home from work and this Easy Salmon Caesar Salad is perfect. I put together greens, a package of caesar salad mix, some croutons. I fried a package of Alaska Gold Easy Salmon and mixed it in after it cooled to make this Easy Salmon Caesar Salad. Super simple and delicious.”

Easy Salmon Casserole Recipe

Easy Salmon Casserole from above

Lisa’s Easy Salmon Casserole