Trolling Boat fishing for salmon in southeast Alaska.

Trolling for salmon in southeast Alaska. Photo by Berett Wilber

For our fishermen in southeast Alaska, there is something special about coho salmon. More than any fish we catch coho salmon is arguably the heart and soul of our region and our fishermen-owned co-op. Each summer coho salmon return to the thousands of tiny creeks that stream through the ancient trees of the Tongass Rain Forest. You can watch them jump up waterfalls, giving it their all, with the aim of returning to a little pool to spawn. Through October, our fishermen work sixteen to eighteen-hour days to catch each fish One Hook One Fish At A Time, then dress and ice each salmon to keep them in perfect condition until they reach our customers.

There’s nothing quite like what fishermen call “the coho grind.”

This beautiful story, “Living the Dream,” written by one of our fishermen’s daughters about her first summer deckhanding on her dad’s boat, includes some spellbinding photos of life on the water in southeast Alaska. Living the Dream is what she calls it. And a number of us all call our lives “Living the Dream.”

You can live the dream, too.

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In a few days, we’ll have some info on the nutrient dense wonder that is coho salmon. Here’s a sneak preview: Our wild coho salmon is loaded with life-giving nutrients!


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