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Get hooked on black cod!

The deep fjords and upwelling cold water currents of the North Pacific make southeast Alaska and the waters off Baranof Island one of the richest ecosystems on the planet.

Sablefish, colloquially known as black cod, are one of the special delicacies that come from this unique place. Sablefish roam the deep waters of the ocean floor along the continental shelf at the edge of life. While migrating closer to shore our small boat fishermen are lucky enough to cross paths with them, catching these fish with hook and line. And we’re glad they do. Black cod is truly a special delicacy and at the heart of our fishermen-owned cooperative, just like our wild salmon and halibut.

Chefs around the country are just beginning to discover the beauties of black cod. Its oily meat and perfect flake pairs beautifully with teriyaki sauce or the classic miso marinade. This honey black cod recipe is also spectacular and highly recommended. One of our customers in Minnesota noted after making it, “Flavor was great. Texture was amazing…soft (in a good way) and really unmatched in any fish.” See what’s special about our black cod in this video.

black cod fishing

For any home chefs wanting to give it a try but are intimidated about cooking a new fish, black cod is really hard to mess up. For those who like rich foods, sablefish flesh is oily. Sablefish eat nutrient-dense fish like pollock, herring, echelon, candle-fish, Pacific cod, jellyfish, and squids. Sablefish are loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. On average, sablefish have 1.8 grams of Omega-3s per 100-gram serving versus 1.3 grams for wild king salmon, which are also loaded with Omega-3s.

Our Alaska Gold black cod comes from a cooperative of quality-oriented fishermen with a deep pride in what they do. In this video, one of our fishermen Bert Bergman describes the process of fishing for black cod and notes, “When you’re purchasing something from Seafood Producers Cooperative you’re not just getting something good to eat. You’re also supporting fishing families that depend upon a healthy ecosystem to continue. You’re supporting towns like Sitka that depend on those fishing families. You’re supporting a whole way of life that’s truly unique.”

Our fishermen, the local residents of Sitka, and those of us in the office all know that Alaska Gold Black Cod is something truly special. So is our fishermen-owned cooperative.