Coho Salmon with Olive Salsa

Coho with Olive Salsa Recipe

Fresh, healthful, and tasty, our Alaska Gold Coho Salmon is topped with a Mediterranean medley of green olive salsa. *DF, GF

King Salmon with Lemon Capers

King Salmon with Lemon Recipe

Lemons and capers and little else are what holds together the marine-derived heart-healthy fats abundant in king salmon. *GF

Keta Salmon Curry Recipe

In this dish, wild keta salmon is poached with strong Thai flavors of ginger, galanga and lemongrass in a robust curry. *DF, GF

Creamy Tuscan Coho Salmon

Creamy Tuscan coho salmon recipe

Try our Alaska Gold coho salmon in this delicious, rich, and creamy sauce paired with lemon, tomato, and spinach. *GF

Sweet Chili Keta Salmon Recipe

Sweet Chili Keta Recipe

This Sweet Chili Keta Salmon recipe is a quick and impressive dinner that adds great flavor to the mild keta salmon. *DF, GF

Weeknight Salmon Wrap

Easy Weeknight King Salmon Salad Wrap

Use a counter-top oven and make this weeknight salmon wrap in a matter of minutes. *DF, GF

Smoked Salmon Spread

A delicious smoked salmon spread for your bagel. *GF

Salmon with Capers & Dill

Pan roasted alaskan salmon recipe

In 15 minutes, enjoy the wonderful pairing of capers and salmon. *GF

Poached Ivory King Salmon

Poached Ivory King Salmon with greens

Our Poached Ivory King Salmon recipe is the perfect way to prepare our ivory king salmon. *DF, GF

Chipotle Alaska Salmon

Planked chipotle salmon recipe

Try this Planked Alaska Salmon with Sunny Chipotle Rub Recipe to spice up your your weeknight dinner routine. *DF, GF

Lavender Salt Salmon Rub

An easy to prepare recipe that will leave you in love with Alaska Gold Coho. *DF, GF

Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank salmon recipe

This cedar plank salmon recipe is a classic Northwest dish. This video shows the basics of how to prepare a cedar plank salmon. *DF, GF

Halibut Risotto

Wild Halibut Recipes

Our elegant Alaska Gold Halibut is the peak of Alaska seafood. Enjoy it with this Mediterranean risotto. *GF

Herb & Flower-Crusted Halibut

Herb and Flower Encrusted Halibut Recipe

Here is a herb and flower-crusted halibut recipe from Jesse Ziff Cool. *DF, GF

Halibut with Wild Mushrooms

Halibut with Wild Mushrooms Recipe

Delicate, firm, white flesh with a beautiful flake, halibut is a perfect fish for Spring. *GF

Pan-Seared Halibut

pan-seared halibut

This pan-seared halibut recipe is easy and elegant and our video walks you through the steps to cook it beautifully. *DF, GF

Black Cod with Romesco

Black Cod with Romesco

Our Alaska Gold sablefish is a decadent pairing with Romesco, a piquant sauce made from tomatoes, peppers, almonds, and garlic from Catalonia. *DF, GF

Rockfish with Avocado-Corn Salsa

Blackened Rockfish Recipe

This Blackened Rockfish Recipe brings together Cajun-style cooking with Alaska Seafood. *DF, GF

Lingcod with Tomato and Orange

Rockfish with Tomato and Orange

Simple and elegant, this Alaska Lingcod with tomato and orange pairing is easy, quick, and delicious. *DF, GF

Fresh Greek Tuna Salad

Fresh Greek Tuna Salad

This quick, easy, and beautiful tuna salad recipe is sure to please. *GF

Easy Salmon Chowder

Easy Salmon Chowder

Our Easy Salmon Chowder is a great way to stay warm on cold days. *GF