Halibut Recipes

Herb and Flower Encrusted Halibut Recipe

Here is a herb and flower-crusted halibut recipe from Jesse Ziff Cool.

Halibut with Wild Mushrooms Recipe

Delicate, firm, white flesh with a beautiful flake, halibut is a perfect fish for Spring.

Alaska Halibut with Fruit Salsa Recipe

Tangy fruit salsa is a pleasant addition to halibut and this recipe is guaranteed to please.

This easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing recipe was created by a busy mom while fishing the waters of Alaska.

pan-seared halibut
Pan-seared halibut

This pan-seared halibut recipe is easy and elegant and our video walks you through the steps to cook it beautifully.

This steamed Alaska halibut will make an impression on your guests with great texture and flavor.

Halibut Tarragon
Halibut Tarragon with Mashed potatoes

This halibut recipe from a customer cooks in 8-9 minutes and is enjoyed by the whole family.