Sustainable Seafood…Made in the USA

Alaska Seafood
We work hard to bring you the best quality seafood available.

The Alaska seafood offered on our site is caught in the waters of the North Pacific by the hard-working fishermen that make up Seafood Producers Cooperative. As North America’s oldest and most successful fishermen’s cooperative, it is our mission to bring sustainable seafood to our customers.

70 years ago, a group of Alaskan halibut fishermen realized that the best way to ensure that their products were delivered with quality from ocean to market was to process their own fish. Together they formed Seafood Producers Cooperative. As a cooperative, they were able to invest in a plant and together were able to market their fish to a larger audience than they would have been able to reach working alone.

Of the 590+ American fishermen/owner/members of our cooperative, 424 owner members call home the great state of Alaska. 216 quality-oriented fishermen members live in Sitka. And we have 1 industry-leading processing plant in Sitka. We have approximately 100 members in Washington state. Others winter in places as diverse as Florida and Vermont, but the co-op represents 14 states in total.

In an age in which most of the seafood Americans eat is imported, isn’t it nice to know that your sustainable seafood comes from hard working American families, caught in pristine waters, managed for the future, so that future Americans can benefit from their bounty?

Alaska Seafood
Captain George Eliason’s Tammy Lin delivering to the industry-leading SPC Plant in Sitka, Alaska

All of our fish is certified sustainable and is considered Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program.

When you get fish from our cooperative on, you’re getting fish from a fisherman. Our fishermen’s cooperative…it’s Made in the USA.

Alaska Seafood