Order Alaska Seafood From A Fisherman

Wild Alaska Salmon

Order Alaska Seafood direct from the fishermen. Alaska Gold Seafood is where you can go to buy Alaska seafood delivered. Our fishermen/owners catch wild salmon, halibut, sablefish aka black cod, albacore tuna and spot prawns.


When you buy fish from a fishermen’s cooperative, you get fish from a fisherman. We fishermen are the owners and operators of Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC), the oldest fishermen’s cooperative in North America. And our Alaska Gold Seafood website is where you can order it. We also have seafood recipes and fishermen stories. From boat to plate, we take great pride in delivering our order to you. Our cooperative was founded on a tradition of quality and sustainable seafood. When you get fish from a fisherman, you are supporting the hard work that we do and you’re supporting American small business craft producers.

The fish from Alaska Gold Brand is caught in the waters of the North Pacific, much of it in waters off Alaska, the world’s model for sustainable fisheries. Alaska seafood is sustainable, delicious, and you’re supporting fishermen who are making a working wage.

Alaska is the only state with a mandate for sustainable seafood written right into its State Constitution. All fisheries are carefully managed so that our grandchildren can fish the same way that we do. That is the very definition of sustainability. The fish we catch is recognized as sustainable by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.



Fishermen’s cooperative members have a vested interest to produce the highest quality fish for our customer because they are the owners of the cooperative!


Alaska Seafood
Alaska Seafood comes from the most beautiful waters on the planet!