Frozen SeafoodAlaska Gold Seafood starts with quality and integrity.

The quality comes from impeccable standards; the integrity from being a fishermen-owned cooperative.


Seafood Producers Cooperative is a beacon of high ideals in the seafood world.

We define quality as delivering precisely what we have promised reliably and without drama. And, for us, it goes a bit deeper. Quality means something truly special that you wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. It’s the uniqueness of each fish and the pride we take not only on the boat in handling but in getting our fish to customers. Our tradition of quality also hinges on serving the greater good by being stewards of the resource so that future generations of fishermen can deliver quality seafood.

Our Alaska Gold retail website is our fishermen’s connection to those who enjoy the fish we catch: chefs at home and in professional kitchens who know that working with high-quality wild seafood is as good as it gets.

What Alaska Gold Seafood does best and what sets us apart is our line-caught wild salmon. Caught One Hook One Fish At A Time, our Alaska Gold coho salmon is mild in flavor and pairs well with lots of recipes. Our king salmon is richer and more decadent. Our sablefish is what high-end restaurants and fancy digs in New York City or Seattle and those who want to cook like them seek. And our halibut is a classic favorite seafood meal. We’ve long been getting requests for our gourmet canned tuna. And we’ve just started making a canned ivory king salmon. We’re known for our careful attention to detail on the boat which extends all the way to how we treat our customers.

Quality and integrity is who we are. We’re also down to earth. We’re realists. We’re straight shooters. By definition, fishermen own and operate the business and we work using open, transparent democratic principles. This is the sign that hangs at the door of our plant. We are a we-oriented company, not a me-oriented company

Wild Coho Salmon
Wild Coho Salmon looks liked medieval chain mail.