Who is Seafood Producers Cooperative? What is the Alaska Gold story?

A smiling SPC fisherman holds up two salmon on the deck of their boat
A smiling SPC fisherman holds up two salmon.

On May 12th, 1944 the legal contract for the formation of our fishermen-owned co-op was signed. Since that day, our fishermen have continued to preserve traditional fishing methods that protect wild salmon species and the places where they are found. Our co-op’s retail store, Alaska Gold Brand, allows customers to enjoy wild-caught Alaska seafood straight from the source.

Owned by the producers, Seafood Producers Cooperative is over 500 small family-run American businesses in one. Everything we do is with our proud tradition of quality seafood. As a co-op, we support small boat fishermen and southeast Alaska coastal communities.

When you order from Alaska Gold Brand the fish you receive is caught by hardworking Americans fishing on small boats with minimal environmental impact. Below are just a few of the many reasons that our Alaska Gold Seafood is truly the best seafood available.

 SPC member pulls in salmonA Commitment to Quality Seafood

The pride our members take in maintaining quality is unprecedented because we, the fishermen, own and operate the co-op. As member Jeremy Brown says of his salmon, “every fish I catch is different. They’re wild animals. They all have a different life history and story. They deserve and demand to be handled and treated all the way to people around the country with that sort of devotion to the quality of the fish.”

Our commitment to quality seafood beings with our members’ traditional hook and line fishing methods. Only a small percentage of Alaskan salmon are caught using the traditional hook and line methods that our co-op members use. Our line-caught salmon is truly special. In essence, it’s a boutique fishery focused on quality over quantity.

Hook and line fishing is the opposite of industrial fishing. Hook and line fishermen give the utmost of care to each fish. By catching fish on hook and line, One Fish At A Time, our fishermen see that each fish is unique in its own way. Some of our fishermen, like Charlie Wilber, say that they put so much attention into handling each fish that they have a name for each one when they’re done. Our catch method and handling procedures are unparalleled in the industry. Our fish are caught, bled, processed, and put on ice within minutes of being caught. These catch and handling procedures ensure that the fish you receive is of the highest quality — a difference you’ll notice from the raw product all the way to your plate in our delicious seafood recipes. We believe each fish deserves to be treated with a singular devotion to quality and the respect due to a wild creature, all the way to the consumer. Get to know our hardworking SPC fishermen-owners and read more about their stories.

Customers come to us for our famous line-caught Alaska Gold wild salmon. Our king salmon is our most popular product with our coho salmon a very close second.

Our fishermen-owned co-op began producing Alaskan halibut and many of our customers come seeking out the best halibut available. Our dedication and pride in quality has been known since 1944. Increasingly popular are our sablefish, known for its high vitamin D and omega-3 content, in addition to its silky, rich flavor.

Our line-caught, frozen-at-sea albacore tuna is a gem for poke and our canned tuna is the best there is hands-down.

Don’t forget our Alaska Rockfish and Lingcod. Make some fish tacos!

A Commitment to Sustainability

People around the world are concerned about whether what they eat is sustainable and rightfully so. Food is perhaps our deepest connection to the earth and its rhythms. Seafood, in particular, represents a poignant connection with the natural world because it is the last commercially available wild meat. It’s no wonder sustainable seafood has become a buzz word, but what does it mean?

SPC member boat trolling for salmon

Sustainable seafood, in our minds, means having enough fish so that our grandchildren can fish the same way we do. In this way, the state of Alaska has been a model for sustainable seafood for the world. Alaska’s successful fisheries management practices have produced consistently healthy and sustainable fish harvests year after year.

Responsible fisheries management and sustainable fishing practices take care not to harm the fish, other marine plants and animals, nor the environment. In addition, fish populations are never over-fished.

Being responsible stewards of this rich natural resource means using careful harvesting methods, accurately reporting catches, and adhering to scientific data. This is the only way to protect the fish and the livelihood of fishermen and the communities that depend on them. Read more about the sustainability of our Alaska Gold seafood as well as our members’ ocean conservation work.

Alaska’s commitment to sustainability has proved the effectiveness of strict science-based management. When you buy Alaska seafood you are making a responsible choice for your health and that of the oceans. You are supporting sustainable seafood. Ask for Alaska Gold Seafood.