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Line-Caught Alaska Halibut Straight From Local Fishermen

With a light, mild, and slightly sweet flavor, it’s no wonder that halibut – sometimes called the “steak of the sea” by chefs – is the world’s most popular white fish. But where you get your Alaskan Halibut makes a big difference.

At Alaska Gold, we take the time to properly process our halibut One Hook One Fish At A Time. We emphasize quality and personal care to ensure the halibut we deliver to our customers because what we bring you is the beautiful, delicious seafood we serve in our homes.

Our online seafood delivery service gives you the direct access to our fishermen and we bring this same quality to you. There’s a reason so many customers – including restaurants and seafood lovers – have been giving us great reviews since 1944. To get halibut like ours any other way, you would have to fly to Alaska and catch it yourself.

We offer wild and sustainable halibut in several different convenient and affordable packages:

Halibut Portions–individually wrapped boneless, skin-off 8-ounce portions
Mixed Portions of Halibut and King Salmon–Two of our most popular products together
Bulk Halibut–bulk pricing for larger orders

Remember, when you buy from Alaska Gold, you’re getting premium seafood that isn’t available anywhere else. Shipping is always free, and we guarantee that our halibut will be some of the best you’ve ever tasted. Go ahead and place your first order today. Or better yet, sign up for a subscription and have our products delivered automatically every month for a low price!

Showing all 4 results