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Sign up for the Alaska Gold Club Loyalty Program and get a delivery of the fish you select at a regularly discounted price.

With a subscription to the Alaska Gold Loyalty Program, you get a regularly discounted price on a recurring Alaska Gold seafood order. You only enter your credit card information once. Stop delivery any time you want.

After your first order, the default is set for monthly recurring shipments. Your order will automatically renew in one month. So, if you ordered on October 5th, your order will automatically renew with your credit card charged on the 5th of November, and then ship out on the next available shipping date.

However, you can schedule with us and we can set other dates or a different order frequency. For example, some customers have their orders renew every 6 weeks, others have their orders renew every 3 weeks, etc. And still other customers sometimes have us pause their recurring order and call us to renew as needed.

We can also switch up what items you receive in your order. Maybe one order with our king salmon portions and the next with our halibut portions. Just contact us via email or phone and we’re happy to take care of you.

In addition, each frozen item you add to your subscription order will be 15% off. So, if you regularly receive our Alaska Gold Sablefish Portions, add a 5-pound box of our king salmon portions for 15% off the a la carte price. Or, design your own variety pack using our seafood offerings, and we’ll set a regularly discounted price. Just contact us via email or phone.

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