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Fresh Caught Sablefish (Black Cod) Straight From Alaska

Sablefish is colloquially known as black cod. Smooth, buttery, and velvety, it’s no wonder that sablefish is so popular in restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Loaded with healthy fats and oils, sablefish is not unlike Chilean sea bass. Our sablefish comes from Alaska waters. Caught using hook and methods, our Alaskan sablefish comes from a sustainably managed fishery.

However, as anyone who enjoys fish could tell you, where you get your sablefish is going to go a long way towards determining how tasty and healthy it really is. That’s why Alaska Gold is proud to offer premium seafood – caught by Alaska fishermen as part of our cooperative – hand-picked for quality before we send it to your front door. When you order line-caught black cod from us, you’ll never have a piece of seafood on your dinner table that we wouldn’t have on ours.

Our sablefish (black cod) is available in a number of different packages:

Sablefish portions–these are six-ounce individually wrapped convenient portions
Sablefish and King Salmon Combo Pack–two of our favorites together
Sablefish Filets–For the special occasion

Also note that bulk orders are available. You can even sign up for an Alaska Gold subscription and get your favorite fresh seafood choices – including sablefish, salmon, and halibut – delivered to your home automatically every month for a low price.

Shipping is always free, and we guarantee our home delivery seafood will be tasty and delicious. So, place your first order today and see why so many customers won’t buy their fish from anywhere else!

Showing all 5 results