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Delicate, firm white sweet flesh, like a steak but lighter, it’s no wonder halibut are in such high demand, and our wild Alaska Gold™ halibut are as good as it gets. These boneless, skinless individually sealed portions are super convenient and the best way to get halibut. Try our halibut risotto with spinach and mushrooms for an elegant dinner or our halibut pizza with roasted cherry tomatoes for a fun twist on pizza night.

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Product Description

Alaska halibut is the world’s premier whitefish.

A mild, slightly sweet flavor makes Alaska halibut a favorite of chefs and diners alike. Like a steak, but with all the health benefits that Alaska seafood is known for, halibut could be the world’s most perfect fish.

Alaska halibut’s ease of preparation belies its spectacular results. Whether it’s grilled, roasted, sautéed, or poached, Alaska Halibut is equally delicious in preparations ranging from pan-searing, baking and poaching. Fruit salsas and spring vegetable medleys are very popular accompaniments for our customers.

Known for its firm, flaky texture and delicate flavor, Alaska Halibut maintains its shape during cooking, making it suitable for all types of cooking methods, yielding dependable, high-quality results.

We have had the strictest quality standards for over 70 years, pioneering seafood handling processes to produce seafood of extraordinary quality. As a fishermen-owned cooperative, we have a deep pride in what we produce for you as our appreciated customers.

Alaska Gold™ halibut are caught in the waters off Southeast Alaska. With nothing but nature surrounding this area, you know your halibut came from the cleanest, purest water.

Two distinct benefits that Alaska halibut has over halibut from other parts of the world are that Pacific halibut has never been over-fished in in the International Pacific Halibut Commission’s 94 years of managing the resource, while Atlantic halibut has had to recover from two separate periods of over-fishing. The sustainability of Alaska halibut has been achieved by closing the Alaska halibut fishing season during the halibut spawning period, something that the managers of Atlantic halibut have yet to accomplish.

Our halibut portions are boneless, skinless, and treated with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Each portion is 6 to 9 ounces and comes in an individually vacuum-sealed package for maximum convenience. Note that each 6-portion box contains six of these portions. A 5-pound box will have roughly  8 to 12 portions. A 10-pound box will have double that amount of portions.

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31 reviews for Alaska Gold™ Halibut Portions

  1. Anthony Maestrini

    It’s amazing the care that Alaska Gold puts into making sure these boneless/skinless halibut portions are as well taken care of as possible. I don’t know how they do it. So convenient. I’ve made their seared halibut recipe in the recipe videos on their website several times and it always comes out just perfect. Thank you Alaska Gold for the service and quality and care you put into this fish.

  2. Barb R

    Love the vacuum sealed packaging. The fish is fresh right until you cook it. Flavor is mild and never fishy tasting.

  3. Carmen Hamrick

    My family loves the halibut! Perfect portion sizes that grill up perfect everytime. I would recommend the halibut. It is a light tasting fish and even my kids like it.

  4. Elizabeth W

    This halibut is so firm and flaky that a small portion is perfect! Like a great steak but better!!

  5. Lon West

    I never liked halibut, last summer in New York City I had some that was great and decided to order some from your site because we truly enjoyed the salmon and the canned tuna. As soon as I received it we cooked some relatively plain except for capers and vegenaise spread on it during cooking. It was excellent and we really love it.

  6. Kelly Shearer

    This is the best fish I have ever had. Well worth trying it out, you will always compair purchased seafood to AlaskaGold. Thank you for an extraordinary product!

  7. Dale Chesnut

    For years I have cooked halibut, salmon and black cod for parties and fund raisers. It isn’t unusual for me to BBQ fish for 100+ people for non-profits to help raise money or as a reward to big donors. It isn’t unusual for someone to take a tiny serving of fish while saying, “I’m not much of a fan of fish.” And then a few minutes later they are in line for more. I have a big BBQ and only use charcoal that has no chemicals as binders. Because people want to ask about the fish, how I fix it, or how it was caught, it is easy to get sidetracked and not stay focused on my job as chef. Years ago I started cooking fish in aluminum foil “boats.” That allowed me to season different portions in different ways, and because the juices from the fish were caught in the “boat” the fish would stay more moist than when cooking was directly over the coals. Cooking that way gave me a margin for error if I let it cook a bit too long. The fillets wouldn’t have grill marks, but I never had a complaint about that. I keep the recipes simple, often using just some good quality olive oil, maybe some lemon pepper, and on the salmon I typically drizzle some honey over the fish towards the end of the cooking. I also find that slices of oranges add a nice touch.
    Because I cook so much fish for total strangers, I always try to explain to them why they should eat hook-and-line caught wild fish….from SPC.

  8. Pam

    Halibut is nearly impossible to find in any grocery stores near me. In fact the quality of the fish I buy locally is always questionable, so I was thrilled to discover Alaska Gold Brand and have been very pleased with the delicious fish (I buy salmon and halibut) I receive from them.
    I like to either bake it or fry it with only seasonings such as parsley, sage, basil, dill and a little chipotle pepper.

  9. Kelly M

    I can never find good, affordable halibut at the grocery store. Although they can order it for me, it’s usually cost prohibitive and then you never really know the quality…. I purchased 5lb of Halibut as a gift to myself and have absolutely enjoyed all of it. The portion sizes are perfect and easily thawed. The shipment arrived in perfect condition with a large chunk of dry ice still intact. I would absolutely recommend this product to others who want a good, quality, tasty ingredient.

  10. Constance

    My husband is a catch and release fisherman so eating fish was never his thing. After coming across your wed site I ordered Halibut and fixed it for dinner. My husband surprised me when he asked “how many times a week can I eat this fish”? I told him if you get a part time job as often as you like lol. He also very much enjoys the tuna and he can’t wait to try the Sable fish. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

  11. Gina

    Excellent white fish that is both tasty and easy to prepare. Also, because it is frozen at sea within a short time of catching the fish, it works well in a low histamine diet. I recommend it if you are looking for a nice firm fleshed white fish. Also, Alaska Gold does a great job in both shipping and customer service.

  12. An Old Tennessee Fisherman

    Thanks very much for the opportunity to tell you and the rest of your potential customers just how great your product and customer service was. I have ordered seafood from other suppliers in Alaska and without a doubt you do a much better job in preparing the product and in your shipping protocols. I ordered the 30 pound bulk shipment of halibut and each individual piece was flawless. There were no thin tail sections and half cuts at all , each fillet was ready for the grill!
    The shipment arrived on time and the packing was first rate. There was no amount of thawing whatsoever. In fact, the dry ice took half a day to evaporate once I placed it outside to 80 degree heat. The halibut want directly from the shipping carton to my freezer—perfection!! I have been in Sitka many times and have seen your operation first hand(even shared a glass or two of Arrogant Bastard with some of your workers. Good folks!! You are to be commended for your commitment to sustainable fisheries and environmental awareness. My family will do our part as we truly believe in your saying that: Friends do not let friends eat farmed fish”. Keep up the good work and we will be ordering more from you very soon.

  13. Paul walker

    I have been looking for a source to purchase halibut after a friend of mine shared his catch from a trip to Alaska. Since I live in Colorado it is not easy to find a quality fresh fish. I purchased the 30 lb box and was amazed at the care taken to pack and ship the fish. It arrived frozen solid and right on time. We had some last night and it was delicious. I am regretting letting some of my friends purchase some the halibut. Will definitely be ordering again in the future.

  14. Sheri Plasters

    I’m telling anyone who listens where I buy my Halibut and all about the delicious qualities of this beautiful piece of divinity from the sea! Again, this is the very BEST Halibut I’ve ever purchased and plan to continue as a patron of this company. My second purchase proved to be ‘second’ to none! I am so thrilled to have learned about this company as I adore these Thick cut, mild flavored, individually quick frozen, portioned Halibut a.k.a., Fillet Mignon from the sea……

  15. AG

    Flakey, firm and delicious fish.

  16. Candice Hicks

    Alaska Gold’s halibut portions always have a mild taste that is never fishy. The texture is firm and overall, is easy and quick to prepare. We like it seared in olive oil and butter with lemon pepper. Four minutes on each side and you have a fast, nutritious protein. I highly recommend this fish.

  17. Nicole

    Every product we have ordered has been excellent! We just recieved a box of halibut tonight and two pieces are going in the fridge to thaw! Fish tacos tomorrow! Alaska Gold is a fantastic company who goes above and beyond in their customer service. Thank you!

  18. william jahn

    The halibut was delivered in perfect frozen condition here in Iowa. I particularly liked the nearly uniform 8 oz pieces. Much better than getting pieces in highly variable weights like I had received from another seller. Tastes great!

  19. Margaret

    The Halibut was fantastic! Love the portions, easy when cooking for one!!!
    I will be ordering again.

  20. Nancy Leonard

    This was our first (and not last!) purchase of halibut from Alaska. We live on the Oregon coast and have been buying fresh halibut locally off the fishing boats. Then we go to all the effort of cleaning them ourselves, deboning, and vacuum packing in individual servings. The halibut was not guaranteed to be “same day” and may be a few days old. We haven’t been pleased with the taste and quality. The Alaska Gold Halibut is PERFECT! The method of processing and freezing so quickly preserves the great flavor. And having them cleaned, de-boned, and vacuum packed in individual serving portions is so convenient! The 2-day shipping brought a box to the house that was absolutely freezing when I opened it. Colder than my deep freezer! All I had to do was unpack, put them in the deep freeze and voila’! I was all done! This halibut is exquisite. We will be ordering on a regular basis. We will even order from Arizona when we go there for a few months in the winter since the boxes are so well packed. Fresh Alaska fish in Arizona will be such a treat!!

  21. Harry Musumeci

    My wife eats salmon almost daily, she would buy the Costco stuff and as a family, we eat fish probably 1x per week. For years, I was intrigued by wild caught from Alaska, but cost and shipping always made me nervous. I was getting the promo emails and there was a special, plus I did the survey so I had $150 credit available and bought 4 5lb boxes, Halibut, Cod, King Salmon and Sockeye Salmon, we’ve had it all except the Sockeye and I am so glad we did this. Granted, we spent over $500, but got 20lbs of high quality fish, the portions are much bigger than I expected and should last us a few months. One problem, I don’t have enough storage space, so my freezer is packed right now and I don’t trust the refrigerator in the garage, so we make do. We will order again once we run out.

  22. Sarah Jane

    My sister lives in Alaska and she recommended your company. I was NOT disappointed! Fast service and well packaged. Fish was delicious and I plan on ordering more from AKGold. You guys ROCK!!!!

  23. Nancy Conner

    About how many fillets are in a 5 lb box?

  24. Alaska Gold Seafood

    Around 10 fillets. Each fillet should be 7-9 ounces or around half pound.

    Thanks for the inquiry.

  25. James Teed

    I should really give this a 1 star because I don’t want to go on here and see it is sold out. This is by far the best halibut I have ever bought. Kendall in customer service does a great job in the logistics of getting this product to you.

  26. Ian-Michael Salvador

    I don’t usually write reviews for items that I buy, but this company and their products truly deserve the utmost praise. I want to emphasize two things: their products and their customer service. First of all the fish portions are generous and of great quality. The cuts were not only a good size but also thick. For my first portion I actually cut the fish in half horizontally and ate two meals from it. Items arrived frozen and individually packaged. You definitely know you’re getting a quality product which is confirmed when you take your first bite. I baked the fish with cajun seasoning and butter and it was the best Halibut I’ve had in a long time! Secondly, their customer service goes above and beyond. They are quick to respond and very friendly. If there is any issue they will definitely to their best to make sure you are satisfied. This company really impressed me more than any other I’ve ordered from in the past and I will definitely be ordering again in the future. Don’t waste time thinking about whether to order or not, and just do it. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  27. Dan Bowman

    We just received our first delivery (on time and in perfect frozen condition) of halibut portions and couldn’t be happier. I prepared a couple under the broiler with a very simple glaze and they were delicious – as good as any I’ve had in restaurants, and better than a couple meals I’ve enjoyed in Alaska. I have occasionally bought halibut at Costco but was never real impressed with the freshness. These individually frozen pieces from Alaska Gold are head and shoulders fresher than Costco “fresh” halibut. I’m sold

  28. Western Guy

    The 5 lb package of halibut I received was perfect. The package arrived on schedule, excellently wrapped and frozen, and each portion was delicious. Shared some with a friend who also agreed it was some of the best we have tasted.

  29. Timea

    This company is amazing. Orders are quickly shipped out, nicely packed and the quality of the fish is unbeatable!

  30. Ruth Balis

    Recently received a shipment of Halibut as a surprise gift from my husband Edward. What a great product! I am enjoying every bite of this outstanding fish. Will be placing another order soon.

  31. Tammy

    During these trying times, I decided to order from Alaska Gold once again. I live in New Jersey, and we are considered a “hot spot” for the COVD-19 virus and it’s a bit scary going out to the grocery store. I have ordered from your company a few times and feel safe with your products, and enjoy all I have had in the past (salmon, cod, tuna, and my fave is the halibut).
    Keep up the good work, be safe, and God Bless!

  32. Mary

    Tastes so fresh and clean. Alaska Gold has the best halibut. Look forward to every shipment.

  33. Frank F

    Alaska Gold halibut is always of the absolute highest quality. You folks know how, not just to catch fish–but how to handle the fish after it is caught. They arrive hard frozen and perfect. Beautiful!
    Frank F
    Fisherperson and serious fish eater

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Halibut nutrition

Our halibut portions are boneless, skinless.

6-Portion Box

What you get: Six 6 to 8-ounce boneless/skin-less portions of Alaska Gold™ halibut individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

5-pound box

What you get: 5 pounds of 6 to 8-ounce boneless/skin-less portions (8-12 portions) of Alaska Gold™ halibut. Each are individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

10-pound box

What you get: 10 pounds of 6 to 8-ounce boneless/skin-less portions (16-24 portions) of Alaska Gold™ halibut. Each are individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

20-pound box

What you get: 20 pounds of 6 to 8-ounce boneless/skin-less portions (32-48 portions) of Alaska Gold™ halibut. Each are individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

* Note: Portion size will vary between 6 and 9 ounces and portion count will vary accordingly. Cuts will come from the center, tail and up towards the gills. We do our best to equally distribute portion sizes and cuts so that you get a relative proportion of center cuts to tail cut. When you cook you should cook pieces with similar shapes. Because they are thinner, the tail pieces should require less cooking than the center cuts.

With succulent flavor, perfect texture, like a steak with butter but much lighter, it’s no wonder halibut are known as the fish for people who don’t like seafood. This Pan-seared Halibut Recipe is easy and elegant.  


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