Black Cod Bites

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These Black Cod Bites are a super convenient way to enjoy our beloved black cod. Thaw. Marinate. Cook. Enjoy! Perfect for marinating and putting in stir fries or soups. Our Black Cod Bites pair perfectly with teriyaki sauce in our black cod stir fry recipe.

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Product Description

When we made these Black Cod Bites for the first time, we marinated them in miso paste and a little sesame oil. Then we watched the Black Cod Bites sizzle in a wok. Served with greens over rice. Delicious! Then we did the same thing, but added Amy’s Coconut Yellow Curry Soup. Both were so good that we couldn’t wait to share with our customers.  They will be de-boned chunks of various thickness perfect for stir fries and soups.

These black cod bites are perfect for stir fries and soups, but also whatever comes into your imagination!

These are 10 or 20-pound boxes. Each box has individually vacuum-sealed packs of sablefish fillet pieces. Each pack will weigh about one-pound. Boneless. Skin-on.

Note that while we aim for 1.0-pound bags, there will be some variance, so it’s possible you will receive between 9 and 11 bags in a 10-pound box.

Black Cod Bites What they look like in a package

What Black Cod Bites look like in a package

Black Cod Bites How they are cut from a sablefish fillet
Cutting black cod bites from a sablefish fillet.

4 reviews for Black Cod Bites

  1. Kevin

    These Black Cod Bites are a new part of my weekly routine. I used to order Alaska Gold Sablefish portions, but I prefer these. On Monday, I pull out to thaw in my fridge. On Tuesday, I marinade in a homemade teriyaki sauce. On Wednesday, I serve with rice and greens after baking for like 15 minutes at 425 or so. Repeat. Rich and delicious.

  2. Marie

    I’ve been ordering with Alaska Gold for several years now. The salmon and halibut are great. But I’ve been turned on to the Black Cod. It’s so rich, it’s like heaven in my mouth. I like these bites for simplicity’s sake. They are delicious!

  3. Jessica

    These bites are my favorite. I enjoy them more than the portions. They are nice thick pieces. Just as the other reviewer, I thaw overnight, marinate or just a little light seasoning, then bake several pieces based on level of hunger. Sometimes more, sometimes fewer, but they always come out perfect and melt in your mouth. Simply Delicious!

  4. Tina

    These black cod pieces are definitely bigger than bite size! They are so fresh, tender, and flavorful. I thaw them at room temp. (in the vacuum sealed bag) for a few hours, and marinate them the Japanese way in white miso (Saikyo miso), mirin, and sake for a day or two. Remove all the miso and lightly brush on some sesame oil before grill at 400F. Came out so perfect! It’s salty and goes perfect with rice. So divine……Will certainly purchase again!

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Each piece of black cod bite might vary between 1 and 4 ounces.

Each 100g serving contains 1787mg of Omega-3s.

**Note that the correct name for black cod is sablefish.

These are 10-pound boxes. Each 10-pound box has individually vacuum-sealed packs of sablefish fillet pieces with each pack weighing about one-pound. Boneless. Skin-on.