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If you like our Black Cod, you’ll love our Black Cod Collars. Like our Black Cod portions, the meat on these collars is rich but even more tender than that rich and tender meat on our Black Cod portions. These Black Cod Collars are perfect for the grill.

Not unlike wings, marinate them in a teriyaki sauce and put them on a hot grill until they’re nice and crispy. Grab a napkin and dig in.

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These rich and tender black cod collars come in individually vacuum-sealed bags weighing approximately one-pound each. There will be about 3 collars per bag. These black cod collars are a delicacy and real fun for grilling. You could also use in soups.

Black Cod is the common name for Sablefish. Alaska Sablefish is rich and delicious and is a natural source for vitamin D and heart-healthy omega-3s.

Note that while we aim for 1.0-pound bags, there will be some variance, so it’s possible you will receive between 9 and 11 bags in a 10-pound box.

Black Cod Collars on the grill


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