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Fishermen and local residents in Sitka, Alaska get together and pull the “tips” out of black cod collars. These tips are rich and velvety with a unique chewiness that makes them a Sitka delicacy. If you like black cod, then these “tips” are all the rich, buttery, velvety complexity of black cod. And more. In a bite-sized tasty morsel.

High in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and easy to prepare, our favorite recipe is marinated in your favorite teriyaki sauce for 3-4 hours, then grilled or broiled until you have a nice glaze (5-6 min per side) . Great served with rice or green salad.

Our black cod tips come in 5 pound boxes with one-pound of the black cod tips in individually vacuum-sealed bags.

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Sablefish, commonly known as black cod, are a delicacy. Known for their richness and heart-healthy omega-3s, they are beyond words, particularly in a salty-sweet marinade or a homemade teriyaki sauce. The tips are found in the collar of the black cod and are essentially the rich, velvety part of the collar with all the fatty goodness that fans of black cod love. There is a reason that many call black cod “butterfish”!

Fishermen take most of the tips home for themselves. But we’ve reserved some for our customers. These come in limited quantities, so take advantage of these black cod tips while we have them available.

The black cod tips come in one-pound individually vacuum-sealed packs. And 5 pounds per box.

A one-pound pack can feed 2 hungry people with a rice and greens accompaniment. Or 3 to 4 people as an appetizer. We recommend marinading in homemade teriyaki sauce and then grilling on high heat for 8-10 minutes or so.

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