Wild Coho Salmon Portions

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Mild and delicate, wild coho salmon are perfect for grilling, poaching and sautéing. Our wild Alaska coho salmon is line-caught for extraordinary quality. These six-ounce Alaska Gold™ Coho salmon portions are de-boned and conveniently packaged in vacuum-sealed packs. Just thaw, cut open, prepare and serve for an easy, delicious, sustainable, and nutritious meal of wild salmon. Try our seared coho salmon with green olive salsa for a delicious dinner featuring our Alaska Gold Coho portions.

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Product Description

What’s special about our Alaska Gold coho salmon portions…

  • Coho salmon’s mild flavor makes it versatile for a variety of recipes
  • Family favorite–kids young and old love the mild flavor of coho salmon
  • Coho salmon is lean, but loaded with Omega-3, vitamin D, and Selenium
  • Our fishermen-owners take care and pride in producing fish of extraordinary quality
  • Being line-caught makes these coho salmon of extraordinary quality

Alaska Gold™ wild-caught coho salmon are caught  by a cooperative of producers, like Lance Preston, using traditional hook and line methods. These Alaska Gold™ Coho salmon portions are skin-on and boneless and weigh between 5 and 7 ounces each. Each portion is individually sealed for maximum convenience.

Lighter and more delicate than a king salmon, coho salmon are velvety and smooth, with all the Omega-3s for which wild salmon are touted. Coho salmon are arguably the most versatile of salmon species, pairing well with a variety of recipes.

Line-caught on the open ocean when their natural oil content, color and texture are at their peak, Alaska Gold™ wild salmon are handled with the utmost of care One Fish At A Time. This coho salmon is perfect for making lox, grilling or poaching, or any other way you like to prepare your wild salmon. Poaching salmon, by the way, is an easy way to ensure that your salmon is cooked sufficiently but not too much, keeping the salmon moist.

Being line-caught makes these Alaska Gold coho salmon stand out, as the delicate flesh of coho salmon benefits greatly from the attention to detail that fishermen using line-caught catch methods use.

Our coho salmon portions come in convenient vacuum-sealed pouches. All you need to do is thaw, remove from package, add some basic seasonings, and enjoy!

These wild coho salmon portions are skin-on and boneless. We pack these 6-ounce coho salmon portions in boxes of 6 x 6-ounce portions (~2.25 pounds a box), 5 pounds (roughly 13-15 portions per box) and 10 pounds (roughly 26 to 30 portions). All of these portions are skin-on and boneless.

Wild salmon portions
Our wild salmon portions are boneless, skin-on.

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39 reviews for Wild Coho Salmon Portions

  1. Nancy

    I was somewhat hesitant to order fish on-line and was very impressed when the coho salmon portions arrived frozen ROCK hard. My previous experience with frozen fish is that it is always watery and a little mushy after thawing. Not so with my Alaska Gold coho salmon! The fillets looked and smelled exactly like fresh caught fish! Absolutely no water came out of these fillets. They cooked up beautifully, and have a very mild taste compared to other coho we have eaten. The fish is firm and delicious, no matter how we prepare it. We love the portion size, which makes one fillet a hearty serving, even for my hungry husband. This means the two of us get 13 meals from a 10-pound box. We will be ordering again soon!

  2. Frances C.

    I have cooked this salmon all kinds of ways, from baking to make the best salmon patties I’ve ever had. A great recipe always starts with a great product and this some great salmon!

  3. Anita Nessin

    Delicious, moist and flavorful. Taste like fresh caught. Perfect portion size. They don’t need fancy cooking techniques or fussing with to make a great meal.

  4. Nathalia M.

    This salmon is delicious, the portions are a good size, the flavor is perfect and it is so convenient.

  5. Gina M.

    Salmon tastes great and is the only frozen fish I eat since it is low histamine due to being flash frozen as soon as it is caught. Kendall provides great customer service and works with me to ensure my fish arrives frozen rock hard. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be.

  6. Darlene, Port Angeles, WA

    I have ordered all the types of fish Alaska Gold Brand offers – including their smoked salmon. They have all been beyond compare – arriving perfectly packed and very frozen. Though I usually consider King Salmon my favorite, recently I’ve tried a recipe shown on the AlaskaGoldBrand website which has become my “go-to” nice dinner dish, “Coconut-Miso Coho Salmon,” developed by Emma Frisch. It’s delicious and easy. For my taste I leave out the garlic and ginger since these are stronger tastes which overpower the delicate favors of the coho and the coconut which are especially delicious together. Try it – it’s easy!

  7. Susan Prince

    I am a native East Coaster who know lives in the midwest. I grew up eating all kinds of fresh seafood and have missed being able to get fresh, good quality fish here. You have solved that problem. I am so happy to have found this resource…your salmon is outstanding and I look forward to trying the other varieties you offer.

  8. Donna Coleman

    This is a quick and easy meal to have on hand. This is the best technique I have found for making it so far:


    But you simply cannot go wrong starting with such a perfect piece of fish. Just don’t over cook!

  9. Julie

    This salmon is excellent! I never used to like salmon; it always seemed too fatty and too “fishy” tasting for me. But then I tried this at the 2014 Topeka Mother Earth News Fair (honestly, I needed one of the coolers they were giving away because I had unexpectedly acquired two freshly processed chickens, hehe) – I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this salmon, but that’s what happened. It’s firm, mild in flavor, easy to cook (I saute it with butter or olive oil, lime juice, and whichever seasonings strike me at the time), and I love how convenient it is in single-serving vacuum-sealed packages. It’s also convenient because there are no bones to worry about, and if you don’t like the skin, it easily peels off once cooked. We will continue to be repeat customers!

  10. Dee

    I wanted salmon that wasn’t fishy tasting and that is exactly what I got plus more! This salmon is so tasty and is so quick to fix, just saute in a little coconut oil and presto it’s ready to eat. I also was a little worried about the shipping, whether it would be frozen or not upon arrival. No worries there either, it was rock solid! And Kendall is very helpful if you have questions on ordering. Will definitely order again when I am out of salmon!

  11. Gina Papadakos

    My family loves the coho salmon! My two children, ages 4 and 7, get excited when we are having “pink fish” for dinner! I prepare with a simple EVOO, lemon and dill and it is fantastic! Always fresh and never a fishy taste. I have sent as gifts as well.

  12. Robert Martin

    The quality and freshness of the Coho Salmon exceeds any fish purchase I have made before. When combined with incredible service and the free delivery, I’m sold me on becoming a repeat customer.

  13. Amy

    This is healthy, easy to make, quick and delicious. There is not anything else I could ask in a dinner. The quality is superior as well. Just perfect all around. There are so many different recipes, you can play around until you find the one that suits you best. The best part is the customer service is outstanding. I am a loyal customer for life.

  14. Davdram7126

    OMG, This Salmon does not compare to the sewage fed Store bought . ( Ok, to be fare I know they feed only a small percentage of sewage waste to improve color, but that’s more then enough ! ) When you cook this, you can see the flakes of the Salmon fillet come apart as you pull it apart with a fork. And the taste is 100% better then Farm raised store bought !!

  15. Mary DiJiosia

    This CoHo Salmon is fantastic!
    The taste, freshness and quality of this fish is the best I’ve ever had. There are no preservatives in it like the wild caught fish in the grocery store. It come directly to my door frozen solid on dry ice. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
    Love it!

  16. Glenda

    The BEST salmon ever. People all loved it. Thank you so much .

  17. Daniel

    The fish arrived as promised all the way to Arizona. I shared portions with some family members and they agree the fish taste great. Cost is also very good, I previously bought wild fish from
    Costco during their ‘sea food shows’ and for a bit more with AG one gets better quality and taste. I like their small business cooperative model and will continue support. Customer service answers questions promptly as well.

  18. Tim

    I am going to buy a larger amount next time. Everybody I shared them with wants more. I could eat these everyday.

  19. Jason Kadavy

    Typically have purchased fish at Whole Foods or Aj’s. Still not satisfied with the quality, we gave this a try. It’s not only better, but the portions makes it easy to keep on hand for a great dinner.

  20. Barbara

    I received my package of Coho portions about a week or two ago. Everything was frozen solid which is a relief to me! I was a little concerned when I first opened it because it didn’t seem like very much dry ice, but apparently it was enough! 🙂
    The fish is very good and nice and mild the way we like it and it was all well packaged! Prior to my order, I talked with Kendall on the phone as I am Histamine Intolerant and he was aware of that issue and explained their process which sounded ok to me. […] I have recommended it to others including my doc who deals with others like me. […] I will continue to use it and am so pleased to be able to do so as I have really missed having good quality fish in my diet!!
    Thank you for your care of this product and your kindness in the chat we had on the phone!

  21. Carl Lewis Rowlett, TX

    I received last week my first order of the Coho Salmon. I ordered the 28-Pc package. Well, I am so pleased. The salmon taste so fresh and the packaging is just so clean. It is as if I caught it. I’m concerned that I may eat too much too quick. 🙂 I prefer the mild fresh flavor of this kind of fish over any other meats now. I am so thankful I found Alaska Gold Brand. My wife and I, and my sons, are thinking about even buying in bulk next time. There is so may ways to cook it, and thank you for the recipes too. Anyway, I had to say thank you. Your product is so clean, and fresh.

  22. D Brediger

    We Finally found AlaskaGold Brand and Its a keeper ! A excellent Coho Salmon. My Husband is very delighted in the freshness of this product and taste.
    Thanks for your Excellent product looking forward to many
    years of alaskagold brand!

  23. Ken

    Having fished for salmon, halibut and lingcod off the Alaskan coast, my wife and I know the difference between fresh Alaskan line caught salmon and the types available in stores and restaurants in our native Arizona. We heard about Alaskan Gold and decided to give it a try. The first taste instantly brought back unmistakable taste of the fresh salmon we experienced when we fished Alaskan waters. We’re hooked. Please don’t take our word for it. Try it. There’s no comparison.
    Thank you Alaskan Gold for offering such delicious, wholesome food.

  24. cfalkenstein1960

    Great mild flavor, No fishy smell. Will be ordering again! Came packed in 20 pounds of dry ice. Hard as a rock when is came to my door in Florida! Perfect!

    Curt F,
    Ft. Myers, FL

  25. Craig R

    I was recently a first-time buyer. The coho I ordered arrived as promised, frozen hard as a rock after a 3 day trip (I think). Cooked on the grill – excellent. I intend to purchase more in the future.

  26. Joanna

    I’ve been getting coho salmon from Alaska Gold Brand for a while and it never disappoints. It’s super fresh, packaged well, the customer service is impeccable. The taste of the fish is superb, i like it just lightly sautéed ein olive oil and butter and a glass of buttery Chardonnay, or spiced up with some mustard and maple syrup on a bed of sautéed spinach or broccoli. Divine!

  27. Steve Shenefield

    I was recommended to Alaska Gold by the maître d’ at Scomas Restaurant in San Francisco, where I had Coho Salmon for the first time, and it was love at first bite. So, I purchased a 5 lb. box of Coho Salmon portions, and the styrofoam chest arrived within two days of my order, properly filled with dry ice , keeping the salmon frozen solid. I thawed the portions for two days in the fridge, and grilled them. WOW! Superb flavor and texture — these portions delivered taste big time! Do yourself a favor and order from Alaska Gold, where service, communication, fast shipping, and the best tasting fish any where are top notch all the way!!

  28. Allen

    Hi Allen from West Palm Beach Fl. I received my Coho salmon Friday it arrived frozen solid and on time. My wife and I had it for dinner on Saturday and for a sashimi treat Sunday. Being in south Florida we eat a lot of our local fish mahi , wahoo , grouper , snapper but I’ve never had salmon that tasted so fresh and buttery as yours. I was totally impressed and will be referring your company to all my fish eating friends and family.

  29. Tracey

    We have been ordering from Alaska Gold for over two years now. Both the King and Coho salmon are out of this world, better than any we’ve tried in any restaurant on earth…it is that good! Succulent, moist and beautifully flavored…you simply cannot go wrong with Alaska Gold. Placing an order now for both the King salmon and Black Sable Cod…will be our first time trying the Cod, but I already know it will be great!! Shipping is simple, safe and fast…always arrives on time and fully fresh frozen, even during our triple digit desert summers! If you haven’t tried Alaska Gold, you don’t know what you’re missing. This is the ONLY seafood we consume, always wild the way nature intended!!

  30. Anthony

    The best Coho I’ve eaten. Always struggled with finding good wild Alaska Salmon, particularly in the off season. I took a chance ordering online from Alaska Gold, now I know where to get my Salmon year round. Thank you Alaska Gold.

  31. Susi

    I’ve been getting my king salmon from Alaska Gold for a long time. The prices went up and my life had gotten a bit hectic, so I didn’t know if I could afford the king salmon any more. Kendall the customer service person recommended the coho salmon portions and wow! They’re even easier to cook than the king and I actually like the flavor better too. I’m going to sign up for the Loyalty Program with the coho to get the best deal…

  32. Nancy Leonard

    This was our first (and not last!) purchase of salmon from Alaska. We live on the Oregon coast and have been buying fresh salmon locally off the fishing boats. Then we go to all the effort of cleaning them ourselves, deboning, and vacuum packing in individual servings. The salmon was not guaranteed to be “same day” and may be a few days old. We haven’t been pleased with the taste and quality. The Alaska Gold Coho is PERFECT! The method of processing and freezing so quickly preserves the great flavor. And having them cleaned, de-boned, and vacuum packed in individual serving portions is so convenient! The 2-day shipping brought a box to the house that was absolutely freezing when I opened it. Colder than my deep freezer! All I had to do was unpack, put them in the deep freeze and voila’! I was all done! The salmon is just the best…..will be ordering on a regular basis.

  33. Andrew

    Fantastic quality and service! We ordered 60 lbs recently after losing our previous Alaskan salmon vendor. Alaska Gold is the best. Delivery was swift, well packaged, and still frozen. Fillets come in high quality vacuum packing material. And the quality is outstanding. If you are still buying salmon from your local store, you really should try this. It’s not only a better value, but far better tasting. Plus, if you have any doubts, call Kendall. He was a pleasure to speak with and very helpful.

  34. Jason

    I was very impressed with the quality of the fish and the speed of which the package arrived. The fish was very fresh with no fishy taste at all. It is just as good as the Coho I used to catch in Ships creek while living in Anchorage. I can’t wait to order some Halibut next. I appreciate that there are no bones in the portion sizes as well, other company’s leave them in.

  35. crobbross

    I like knowing that it’s sushi/sashimi grade salmon.

  36. Rich Hansen

    Fresh and perfectly cleaned, portioned with no bones or scales ever.

  37. Tony

    Dear Alaska Gold,

    Once again, you hit it out of the park!!! Your Salmon products (Coho and King) are the BEST I’ve ever eaten and I’ll be a customer for life. I recommend you to everyone I know who eats seafood!!!

  38. Linda

    I just had my 3rd piece of coho
    Salmon. It was delicious. I tried 3 different cuts of the fish from my 5 pound package and even the tail was not at all fishy. No longer will I eat restaurant or grocery store salmon. Huge difference. I have told friends about this site and they plan to order. Here in New Mexico the fresh fish is lacking. Thank you for the quality packaging and promt service. Might want to add a tad more dry ice….our UPS was slow and took 11 hours in summer heat “out for delivery”. Not your fault, and it still got here rock hard frozen but no ice was left. I will be trying king salmon next. Thank you!

  39. Mary

    Tastes so fresh and clean. The Alaska Gold coho salmon is so simply elegant. It’s just a staple around our house.

  40. Kris D.

    Very happy with the quality, vacuum packaging, and the portion sizes of coho in the 5 lb. box. The convenience is unbeatable and we couldn’t believe what we were eating wasn’t fresh caught. It was our first time ordering from Alaska Gold, but won’t be our last!

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1058mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per 100g serving

Wild Coho Salmon nutrition

6-portion Box

What you get: Six 5 to 7-ounce skin-on portions of line-caught Alaska Gold™ coho salmon individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

5-pound Box

What you get: 5 pounds of 5 to 7-ounce skin-on portions (13-15 portions) of line-caught Alaska Gold™ coho salmon portions individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

10-pound Box

What you get: 10 pounds of 5 to 7-ounce skin-on portions (26-30 portions) of line-caught Alaska Gold™ coho salmon individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

20-pound Box

What you get: 20 pounds of 5 to 7-ounce skin-on portions (52-60 portions) of line-caught Alaska Gold™ coho salmon individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

* Note: Portion size will vary between 5 and 7 ounces.
**All portions are de-boned.
*** Cuts will come from the center, tail and up towards the gills. We do our best to equally distribute portion sizes and cuts so that you get a relative proportion of center cuts to tail cut. When you cook you should cook pieces with similar shapes. Because they are thinner, the tail pieces should require less cooking than the center cuts.

Order Salmon
Here’s a picture from a customer of what our coho salmon portions look like right out of the box.

Coho salmon is milder and more delicate than king salmon. Coho salmon is quite possibly the most versatile of all salmon species and pairs well with a wide variety of recipes and cooking methods.

Coho salmon grills well and makes for outstanding lox. Try this Sweet and Nutty Coho Salmon Recipe

Alaska Salmon
Salmon salad. Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood.