Fishermen Locker: Wild Coho Salmon Portions


Our Fishermen’s Locker coho salmon portions are what the fishermen take home. These are wild coho salmon portions in random weight packages between 3 and 6 ounces, a great size (and fish) for young ones learning to eat wild seafood to their diet. Perfect for the family.



When fishermen come to our office, they frequently ask, “Do you have any off-cuts to sell?”

Our office staff and fishermen take home these off-cuts because they get discounts on these off-cut pieces. The fish’s quality isn’t impaired, but the fish might not meet a size spec (i.e., 8.0 ounces). And so the price is reduced. But it’s still the same wonderful fish. And if you’ve had our fish, you know that it’s good.

Fish caught by member/owners of Seafood Producers Cooperative has gained a reputation for quality. Our member/owners know that. Our fishermen’s co-op has been a beacon of high ideals in the fishing community for a long time.

While supplies last, we’re offering our off-cuts from our Fishermen’s Locker. Same great Alaska Gold fish–discounted price. Get fish from the Fishermen’s Locker.

These wild coho salmon portions are skin-on, boneless, and might weigh between 3 and 7 ounces. Each portion is vacuum-sealed.

Additional information

Box Size

10-pound coho salmon portions (3 to 6 ounces)