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Our gourmet canned tuna is the kind of tuna you can eat straight out of the can. Or, make the best tuna melt you’ve ever had. Or, a perfect tuna salad. People marvel when they first try it. There’s no fishy flavor–just the buttery richness of a line-caught albacore tuna handled with care, cooked just once with a few grains of salt. Canned in small batches in the USA. Perfect!

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Product Description

“We have been buying your canned albacore for years and there is nothing like it.” John; Phoenix, AZ

That was the best tuna melt sandwich I’ve ever had.” Anthony; Menlo Park, CA

Our gourmet canned tuna comes from line-caught albacore tuna caught by our members, who have an unparalleled tradition of quality and sustainability. It is considered one of the healthiest fish on the planet, both for body and planet.

Albacore tuna is caught all over the world. But it is widely regarded among sushi chefs that the line-caught albacore tuna caught off our Pacific Northwest Coast is the best tasting and most nutritious. Caught when the juvenile albacore are following feed about 50 to 250 miles off the coast to bulk up for winter, these tuna are gorging on nutrient dense prey, eating a quarter of their weight each day in anchovies and sardines. Their oil content gets up to nearly 21% and their fattiness makes them delicious and loaded with heart-healthy oils.

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18 reviews for Gourmet Canned Tuna

  1. Kyle Renninger

    Forget every other canned tuna you have tried. The gourmet canned tuna from Alaska Gold is the best I’ve had. The cold waters of Northern Alaska give it a firm texture and buttery mouthfeel that makes my family asking for more! Good thing it comes in a 24 pack, what a deal! Sustainably caught and dolphin friendly make it all the better. Once you have Alaska Gold Brand canned tuna, you’ll never crave any other brand!

  2. Dominique Williams

    I bought a case last month and it’s the best ever… Have tried your tuna melt idea with great organic bread from a local farmer and it’s a killer…..came home starved today and no bread….opened a can and put the tuna on cast iron pan with olive oil….drizzled a bit more of the oil over the tuna…stuck some sharp cheddar on top and covered the pan….a few minutes later it was a bit browned on bottom ….cheese melted….
    There was nothing else ready so I ate it with a nice portion of kimchi and it was the bomb…..sure I was hungry, but it was really good…

  3. Nathalia M.

    I love your tuna, it is so good I can eat it everyday! And you get a very good deal from Alaska Gold, also the cans are bigger that regular cans so you need to use less.

  4. Diane Miller

    I’ve always been conscious of buying line caught tuna but this was both line caught and delicious. I always share the juice with my cat who mowed for more too. Definitely will buy again.

  5. Donna Coleman

    I missed having tuna even occasionally because of my concerns about mercury and over fishing but now I can eat it as often as I want and know that it is as good tasting as it is safe to eat. It does not compare to even the more expensive varieties in the grocery store. I have it on salad or with the amazing avocado oil mayo from Thrive Market. It is definitely in a class of it’s own!

  6. Darlene, Port Angeles, WA

    My first can of SPC Albacore was a gift to me. I was wondering what could be so special about a can of albacore tuna? Well, my first taste blew me away. It was incredibly delicious – like getting a albacore medallion right out of the can. These medallions are so tightly packed in the can with the only other ingredient being salt that they are a little hard to get out. However, it didn’t take long to figure out dishes to use this delicious albacore in – salads, sandwiches, lettuce wraps, and grilled sandwiches. Then I remembered my mother’s tuna casserole – kind of a “comfort food” from long ago. I didn’t have my mother’s recipe so a figured out one of my own which I will send to Alaskagoldbrand – it’s not your mother’s casserole!

  7. Lon West

    We bought this case a couple months ago and really enjoyed the high quality tuna. It is great for a convenience when we don’t want to cook a large meal. Many times before I bought canned tuna and it was slimy or just looked gross. That isn’t the case with this tuna, it looks and tastes even better. We reordered another case. It mixes well makes a great sandwich or meal. We like to mix it with a little yogurt and avocado and herbamare and it is excellent. It is a quick and simple meal. We are glad we found Alaska Gold Seafood, it has changed our how we shop for fish.

  8. Mary

    It seems as though every can of tuna that I bought in the grocery store was worse that the one before, and I would not be able to eat it after opening the can because it was so disgusting. I tried buying a popular brand that was more expensive, and it’s a “Product of China”, yuk! I ordered the Gourmet Canned Tuna, and the quality was excellent. It was light, firm, and flaked easily in the can into fairly large amount of tuna, enough for a double batch of tuna noodle salad. It was delicious, and my husband wants me to make more. I’m trying to eat and cook healthier, and it is so convenient to order high quality seafood from Alaska Gold Seafood. I am so grateful that I found your company!

  9. George Eliason

    This albacore tuna is he finest on the market. The meat is chosen where it is firm, light colored and tasty. It’s not at all like the $.64 cent can with dark meat. We call it gourmet tuna. So, if you like tuna, or don’t like it because of a prior negative experience, give SPC tuna a try. You will love it.

  10. Sue O’Dell

    I have ordered Albacore tuna from other canneries but ALASKA GOLD IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! not only is the tuna better but service is wonderful. I place my order and it is delivered in a very timely manner and every can is in perfect condition ( no dents at all)…. thank you for the wonderful product.

  11. Connie

    Two months ago my husband and I who are in our mid 80s had blood work done and according to our doctor the results were excellent. I give credit to the canned Tuna, Halibut and Sabel fish which contains a lot of Omega 3. I serve the tuna over salad greens and pour the liquid from the can over the greens then add a little Italian dressing from my favorite restaurant. If you haven’t tasted the tuna liquid give it a try as it’s delicious and very good for you. Thanks Alaska Gold for helping us stay healthy.

  12. Constance Marzano

    The first time I opened a can of Alaska Gold tuna I was expecting a stinky smell and was amazed when there was none. Please don’t throw the liquid down the drain, just pour it over salad greens as it is tasty and good for you. Try doing that with a brand from your local supermarket……YUCK! When I order 24 cans of tuna I share it with my kids and my son claims the tuna is so darn fresh he eats it from the can. Thanks to all of you at Alaska Gold for doing a great job, God bless you and keep you safe.

  13. Charles e meyers

    I purchased a case and it is undoubtedly the best tasting tuna that I have ever had.

  14. Peney Stewart

    I can’t find any tuna that is close to the quality of Alaska Gold!
    Your tuna is worth the cost! It’s the filet mignon of Tuna!

  15. Howard Richmond

    Really superb quality. Unlike anything found in the supermarket. It is worth the price to get quality such as this.

  16. Joseph P. Simone

    JS. June 2020

    Yes, excellent tuna and yes, save the juices in the can for use with your recipe. This is quality food. Enjoy.
    Also, communication with staff was easy and fast.

  17. ictheatre

    This is truly the best canned tuna I have ever had!
    Because I know that Alaska Gold never disappoints, I recently ordered a case for myself and shipped a case to my parents. They arrived so quickly and in perfect condition.
    My parents are over the moon with the quality and taste of this tuna, and so am I. In fact, I can barely keep myself from eating it right out of the can when I’m trying to cook with it.
    Do yourself a favor and order some. You’ll never go back to store-bought canned tuna again!

  18. Rick

    Ummmm…. well…. I’m guessing that without a label… that most people wouldn’t recognize this as canned tuna.
    It’s that much better!
    Like tuna steaks in a can, so clean, and fresh tasting.
    Thanks to all of the people at the CoOp for the excellent products they provide!

  19. Janice

    Delicious tuna, firm thick filets of tuna, not small pieces! The taste is mild, not fishy at all. This tuna is amazing. I am so pleased to be able to have tuna caught and canned in the USA.

  20. Glenn

    I ordered a case of the tuna and was massively impressed!
    Right out of the can it was so delicious and tasty.
    I now can’t wait to try the salmon too!
    This is not a bad price considering the cans are bigger than what you get at the store and the quality is unbeatable which now makes this a staple in our home.
    Thank you Alaska Gold!

  21. Sherri

    I’ve bought just about all of Alaska Gold’s products but hadn’t tried the Canned Tuna. I’ve just had grocery store canned tuna and didn’t think much of it. But this stuff is ridiculously good and could be my new favorite Alaska Gold item. For lunch, I mix a can of tuna and an avocado and share with my husband and it’s so delicious and clean. Love it!

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What you get: A case of 24 cans of tuna steaks in 7.5-ounce cans. That is approximately 48 tuna salads or 48 tuna salad sandwiches. Each can contains a tuna steak and a few grains of salt and nothing else.

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canned albacore tuna nutrition part 2One can with our Tuna salad with kale recipe is great for 2 people and a healthy, tasty meal.


Or, kick off the game with these melty-crunchy-spicy-salty albacore tuna nachos! These are nacho typical nachos.

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Make a great tuna salad sandwich with our SPC Brand albacore tuna.

2 g per serving and 5g of Omega-3s per container.


canned albacore tuna nutrition

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