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This Easy Halibut Meat is perfect for chowders, halibut cakes, stir fries, and our rich white pizza recipe. These are the edge pieces that are left over after we cut our halibut portions. It’s the same great quality of our halibut portions, but the halibut is minced into “ground meat.” Our Easy Halibut Meat comes frozen in 10-pound and 20-pound boxes with individually vacuum-sealed bags of about one pound each.

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Our Easy Halibut Meat comes frozen in 10-pound boxes with individually vacuum-sealed bags weighing approximately one-pound. Pictured below is what they look like in a bag.

Note that while we aim for 1.0-pound bags, there will be some variance, so it’s possible you will receive between 9 and 11 bags in a 10-pound box.

Frozen Halibut Scrape Meat in vacuum-sealed bag

Box Size

10-pound box, 20-pound box

2 reviews for Easy Halibut Meat

  1. Kevin

    I discovered the Halibut Bites by accident. I ordered my favorite Alaska Gold Halibut portions and I received a box of these Halibut Bites in error. The excellent Alaska Gold customer service explained that it was a busy week and their shipping team was shorthanded and they made a mistake with the order. They corrected the situation professionally and sent a box of the halibut portions that I ordered immediately. But since there was no way to return these Halibut Bites, I kept them and ended up making chowders and stir fries with them. I even cooked some up without any seasoning and gave a little bit to my dogs. Lucky dogs!!! Five stars for the excellent customer service. But the product is great and useful to have around for quick meals. Nancy was great!

  2. Darlene

    I make halibut cakes with this halibut meat. It’s very simple and very good. The meat is a great value–great quality but not that expensive, especially when you get the 20-pound box. I use for halibut cakes, soups, stir fries, or anything else that I might use another white meat like chicken for.

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