Halibut Portions–Bulk Order


Boneless skinless halibut portions. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Ordering in the bulk size (20 or 30-pound box) gets you a better value.

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Product Description

Alaska Gold Seafood is caught by members of Seafood Producers Cooperative, which was originally known as Halibut Producers Cooperative. Halibut has long been part of our history. Restaurants and retailers have long known that Seafood Producers Cooperative has been a bellwether of quality for halibut and we take great pride in our reputation as a leader in the industry for quality. Here you can order direct from our website for quick and easy delivery.

What you get: Twenty pounds of 8-ounce boneless and skinless portions of Alaska Gold™ halibut individually vacuum sealed and conveniently delivered to your door. That is 40 well-portioned dinners or 80 smaller portioned dinners.

* Note: Portion size will vary between 7 and 9 ounces. In each 10-pound box, you should receive approximately 20 portions, it’s conceivable that you receive between 18 to 23 portions.

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