Wild King Salmon Portions

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Wild Alaskan king salmon are prized by gourmets for their large, luscious flake and extraordinarily high healthy fat content. Our line-caught Alaska Gold™ king salmon are the gold standard for wild salmon. Convenient boneless, skin-on, absolutely delicious king salmon portions. Check out our recipe for king salmon with lemon caper sauce and cauliflower puree for ideas on how to cook your wild Alaska king salmon! Read more about our marbled, ivory, and red king salmon portions.

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Product Description

What’s special about our Alaska Gold King Salmon Portions…

  • King Salmon is loaded with healthy Omega-3 oils, vitamin D, selenium
  • Line-caught with attention to detail and quality
  • From the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska
  • Convenient portions make it easy to provide an elegant, nutritious meal for you and your family

Our customers instantly recognize the quality and convenience of our wild king salmon portions.

Line-caught on the open ocean when their natural oil content, color and texture are at their peak, Alaska Gold™ king salmon are handled with the utmost of care One Fish At A Time. They are the Gold Standard for wild salmon.

Wild Alaskan king salmon are prized by gourmets for their large, luscious flakes and high fat content. King salmon store this fat for their journeys up long river systems fed by glaciers in Alaska. When you eat Alaska king salmon, you can savor the extraordinary journey that these wild salmon take. Like a well-marbled steak, the fat that they store up for their journeys melts into the salmon, giving it a richness and velvety feel in the mouth. These are the good fats that cardiologists and nutritionists celebrate. Because of this heart-healthy fat, king salmon are perfect for grilling and searing, with just salt and pepper. King salmon needs little else. It’s so delicious. As one of our customers said upon receiving her order: “Line-caught salmon, nothing less than the best!!! Grilled it plain, seemed like it just came out of the Sea.”

King salmon’s meat colors range from orange-red to creamy white and everything in between, mostly depending on the ratio of shrimp and krill to prey fish they are eating, king salmon are the largest and least numerous of the Pacific salmon and they are truly special.

The king salmon’s big flake and succulent, rich flavor stands out best with a slow cook grill at 275° F over a flavorful hardwood like alder or cedar. Capers or mustard-y acidic sauces will help balance out the fish flavor of a king salmon.

Alaska Gold™ wild king salmon are caught and processed by a cooperative of fishermen, like Charlie Wilber, using traditional hook and line methods. Our king salmon portions are boneless with their skin on (which keeps moisture in while cooking). They come in convenient vacuum-sealed pouches. All you need to do is take one or two or however many you want out, thaw, remove from package, add some basic seasonings, and enjoy! These Alaska Gold™ king salmon portions can be brought out with the fancy china or eaten from a paper plate at a summer barbecue.

These wild king salmon portions are boneless and have their skin on. We pack these 8-ounce portions in boxes of six 8-ounce portions, 5 pounds, and 10 pounds. Note that the portions are hand-cut and  this 8-ounce weight is an estimate and might vary between 7 and 9 ounces, so there should be 9 to 11 portions in a 5-pound box and double that for a 10-pound box.

This diagram illustrates what our boneless, skin-on wild king salmon portions look like:

Wild salmon portions
Our wild salmon portions are boneless, skin-on cut from wild salmon.

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Here is an easy weeknight salmon wrap recipe that is delicious and healthy.


55 reviews for Wild King Salmon Portions

  1. Tina Paul

    We recently ordered some Alaska Gold King Salmon and have absolutely loved it!! It is so very moist! My little boy always asks now when I say we are having salmon, if it is the King Salmon that he loves so much! Happily, I can say it is! Thanks so much for providing such nourishing food for my family. It is delight for me to serve this salmon often to them!

  2. Anita Nessin

    Moist and wonderful. Tastes like it’s just caught. It doesn’t need a lot of fussing with to be delicious.

  3. Jennifer Hudson

    The salmon is so good! I will definitely be ordering again very soon!

  4. Diane Miller

    I truly enjoyed my King Salmon order. I poached, grilled and baked al forno and the salmon was delicious!!

  5. MLovell

    Had to go for the 20 deal to good to pass up, and I’ll be back that’s for sure great price for the great fish. Thanks AK Gold!

  6. Jen


  7. Meredith

    High quality product! Quick to prepare- We typically broil with a simple brown sugar/mustard glaze. Cooked it in cream with fresh herbs last night which was also excellent!

  8. Jacqueline Bowerman

    We love this king salmon! It is so fresh, tender and moist… Absolutely worth the price. Quality is better than anything you can find in a grocery store.. Fresh or frozen! Enjoy 🙂

  9. Jacqueline Bowerman

    This salmon tastes so fresh and cooks easily straight from frozen. Rinse with cool water, pat dry, rub with a tiny bit of cooking oil or melted ghee, salt/pepper and bake at 425 degrees for 20-25 min depending on thickness.. Perfect every time! Enjoy!

  10. JoNell Rowan

    My husband, who doesn’t particularly care for salmon had to admit…Your salmon is delish! Living in Ohio we don’t have access to the best seafood. After having your King Salmon, I can now safely serve this for dinner frequently with no complaints. Thank you!

  11. Mary Ann McLachlan

    This king salmon is the best I’ve ever tasted. I had only had king salmon once before in Seattle in the 90’s. We do not get king salmon here in Florida.

  12. Mike S

    Every order placed so far has been exceptional and when I asked for extra dry ice (live in the South) Alaska Gold was quick to provide and support. We’ve tried other companies but have been very satisfied with the price, portion and customer service. Thank you for providing this service.

  13. Ginger

    This salmon is unbelievably amazing! I don’t think I have tasted a fresher piece of fish. We like it sashimi style or in homemade sushi. It is also great pan-seared with lemon and garlic. My three little boys, ages 4, 6, and 8 absolutely devour this salmon. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can try it grilled. I am so excited that I discovered Alaska Gold!

  14. Melanie Ryan

    When I served this salmon, my 10 year old son said “Mom, this is wicked good. May I have seconds?” Need I say more?

  15. Brooke

    Alaska Gold King Salmon portions are delicious, convenient, healthy, and sustainable. Fresh of the boat salmon will always taste better, but for the convenience of having it right in your kitchen freezer, the trade off is well worth it. Each portion is perfect, clean and ready to eat! Highly recommended!!!

  16. C L Grant

    I was pleased to find Alaska Gold salmon after relocating from the Pacific Northwest to southern California. The fish is moist and tasty, the ordering and shipping processes were professional and pain-free, and the price is better than at the local market!

  17. Omar B

    King Salmon
    Individual portioned nicely.
    Thaws and still looks good to eye.
    Better yet, tastes almost fresh.
    I’ve ordered from several pacific coast providers, but this is definitely the best I’ve had!

  18. Mary Hernandez

    I bought a 5 lb box a few weeks ago because I feel the salmon here in Chicago is never marked properly. They might tag it as Alaskan but I know its not. Soo much of it is farm raised also which I will not eat. I wanted something that was truly Alaskan. I read the reviews and decided to purchase some. What a delicious piece of fish. My husband said it was the best piece of Salmon he’s ever had. I will be purchasing more from this company for sure!!!

  19. Betsy

    I think this is a great product at a reasonable price.
    I have bbq’d mine and used it for an entree and also as a salmon salad entree. It is always a hit!
    I will keep ordering ..and that is the great part…no need to go to the store to buy fish!

  20. Jillian

    I love the portions and I’m addicted to buying it. They are perfect for me for every meal. They are individually wrapped which I totally love. But the most important thing about the salmon is that each piece is always fresh. It never smells fishy or taste really fishy. I always get my fish on time as promised. Kendall has been really nice and goes out of his way for customers.

  21. Michele

    Alaska Gold Salmon is a truly a delight. We never go without in our household. It is a wonderful way to create an easy home cooked meal and is on par or better than restaurant quality salmon in Los Angeles. I would recommend this product to anyone and can’t wait to get my next shipment of salmon in the mail!

  22. Brett Rhoades

    This is truly the best salmon my family has ever eaten. The customer service is super.

  23. Brett Rhoades

    Phenomenal! The absolute best.
    The fish is great too. Kids ask for more!

  24. Barbara

    The salmon is so fresh and buttery tasting. It is one yr. ago that I placed my first order, today I placed my 4th, I don’t ever want to be without. Wonderful company to deal with, product arrives frozen, packaged very well and customer service is outstanding. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  25. Chavie

    What a relief to have found found fresh wild salmon sourced from some of the cleanest waters in the world. No longer need to second guess if my fish is authentically wild. So relieved to know my family is eating one of the best and cleanest sources of healthy omegas.

    Folks at Alaska Gold are the nicest and so graciously accommodating for convenient delivery date. Fish was delivered to the East Coast beautifully packaged and completely frozen. No fishy smell whatsoever and delicious. Best to follow provides cooking times for the different varieties.

    Amazing customer service, convenience, and freshness make this a no brainer for regular seafood shopping.

  26. Kelly J Baines

    I am a very strict vegetarian recently turned pescatarian. I am happy to report that I can eat fish, guilt-free, with this product. I’ve been searching for line-caught fish and finally found it with Alaska-Gold. I ordered the sample pack and it arrived in perfect condition, from AK to CO, frozen hard as a rock with plenty of dry ice remaining in the box. Last night my family tried the King salmon and it was delicious.

  27. Jill

    love it so much! it’s the best ever and the customer service rocks!

  28. Marcella

    I am delighted to have discovered your Website and cannot imagine buying fish from any other purveyor. The king salmon is by far the best I have ever eaten and I am looking forward to ordering more and trying some of your other offerings. So little needs to be done to it; the quality speaks for itself. Thank you for all you do.

  29. Mrs. Lewis

    I am mostly vegetarian and only sometimes eat fish. I have visited Alaska twice with my family and love wild Alaskan salmon. I will not eat farm raised salmon. The first time I had Alaskan Gold salmon, I purchased it from a local organic market where I buy most of my vegetables. I looked online and realized I could order this product directly myself. I purchased some of both the king and the coho salmon. I have made it twice now, for my husband and myself, once baked after marinating in a lemon/soy marinade and once broiled after marinating in a miso/ginger marinade. I used both the king and coho to try both and both were delicious. I proceeded to send an order to my son who is currently attending graduate school in Missouri and doesn’t have access to good seafood. My order came to South Florida perfectly frozen and wrapped in individual portions ready for the freezer. I simply put what I want into the refrigerator the night before I want to use it and is ready the next day. Thank you for such a great product! We love it!

  30. Robin Cunningham

    I absolutely love these king salmon portions. I ordered 30 pounds and they were so convenient to cook and tasted delicious! I also loved how quickly I received them and how easy it was to store in my freezer. This is the best salmon I have ever tasted! I will definitely be ordering more.

  31. michael b

    superb, is what golds king salmon portions are, , we lightly smoke, cool,than assemble a salmon spread, awesome stuff, people, family,sing some pretty high praises, keep up the superb, salmon

  32. Rich

    This was our first order. We were a bit reluctant to try since the fish was shipped frozen. Well, we just had our first dinner and we were so pleased. Wonderful taste. Now going to try the coho!

  33. Brett Rhoades

    We’ve ordered 4 times now and refereed 2 others who have purchased as well. Best tasting, quick delivery.

  34. ann

    I just placed my first order with AK Gold. A super easy process and the package was shipped and arrived exactly as promised with the fish well frozen. I ordered both King and Coho so I could compare the taste of the two fish. They are both really outstanding. I honestly don’t have a preference.
    I have prepared them different ways (including one recipe offered on this website) and they are just super.

    Sustainable fishing is as important to me as the taste of the fish. Fisherman who are also conscientious stewards of our salmon are people I want to support. AK Gold may not be cheap, but they make sustainability more than worthwhile through the quality of their product.

  35. Lynne Coppock

    I am 60 years old and this is truly the best quality salmon that I have ever eaten! We were in salmon heaven when we all took our first delicious bites of this Alaskan king salmon. The texture and fresh taste are just out of this world. I have ordered this, along with candy salmon, to be sent to our son’s families and they are all raving about it. It is definitely worth the cost.

  36. Janie Williams

    I have purchased this a couple of times and it is a great product. Comes rock solid, but defrosts quickly and is easy to cook. A great time saver to have in the freezer for a quick dinner.

  37. Toni

    I buy the 20 package box of King Salmon and it tastes like it is fresh off the boat. Alaska Gold Seafood is a delight to deal with. The office staff is friendly and helpful. Shipping arrives within 1 day as promised and is delivered fully frozen. The fish is delicious. I totally recommend doing business with Alaska Gold Seafood.

  38. Agologorsky

    This was my first order. Arrived in two days, in a box packed in dry ice. Each piece was frozen solid; I put it in the freezer. Every salmon piece was delicious and fresh. Great product, helpful FAQ on the website, and customer service. Don’t hesitate to buy!

  39. Kelly

    We love, love, love having King filets in our freezer. They’re a snap to defrost, delicious with endless options, and healthy to boot! Beats running to the store for last minute protein needs. We often cook 4-5 of these filets at once for my weekly meal prep and then sear them as needed.

  40. Rich

    Perfect size portion, perfect taste. This is our “go-to” product on the website. Have never been unhappy with the taste.

  41. Dan

    The king salmon portions are consistently fresh and delicious. The shipping is free and the delivery always arrives in one day as promised. If you are looking for seafood from Alaska, Alaska Gold Brand is the company to do business with. They are first class all the way.

  42. kbirkmeyer

    Growing up in the PWN I’ve eaten a lot of salmon, and hands down this is the best I’ve had. It looks far superior than any grocery store, and the texture and taste is so much fresher. Packaging is so well done and it’s incredibly convenient to have each individual piece sealed separately. It’s a little more than your average grocery (about the same price as a high-end/quality grocer) but well worth it on every level of taste and ease.

  43. Tom

    Generally speaking in the past, my family has not been big fans of eating salmon as it tasted bland and fishy, even when we bought the “higher quality” stuff from the market. We decided to order some wild-caught Alaskan King Salmon after a friend gave us some from a fishing expedition he attended and it tasted great. I decided on Alaska Gold Seafood because I liked the thought of supporting the local fisherman as well as the One Hook One Fish concept. We received our first shipment of King Salmon last week (in perfect condition)…we live in Maryland. We ate some of it last night and it was fantastic…no fishy taste or smell. Thanks a lot.

  44. Robert

    Do you ship to east coast of USA?

  45. Kendall Whitney

    Robert, we ship to all 50 states. Yes!

  46. wrocafort

    My wife and I absolutely love Alaska Gold Salmon! Especially how it’s ethically caught, wild, and how it supports the local fishermen. We tested out Alaska Gold for a few months with small orders, but we went through it so quickly we switched to bulk for the savings. Since we only eat fish this is the way to go and worth every penny.

  47. rxl739

    We get the King Bulk everytime, its this best value for us. The king is the best tasteing, we love it thank you very much…………….

  48. Martha K.

    This is the best wild salmon we have ever tasted, and we eat it 2 – 3 times per week. We’ve been ordering Alaska Gold King Salmon for almost 2 years, and are very happy customers! With 1700 mg omega-3 fatty acids per 3.5 oz serving, it is incredibly moist and tender. We’re usually pressed for time, so my husband just sprinkles some seasonings on an 8-oz portion, and bakes it in a toaster oven — couldn’t be easier. Outstanding customer service, as well. Thank you, Alaska Gold!

  49. Robin

    This king salmon is so fresh and delicious. I have never tasted salmon this good! It is so convenient to store and prepare.

  50. Brett

    Alaska Gold Seafood is 5 star! Great service with excellent everything. We are very pleased!

  51. Ginger

    This salmon is unbelievably amazing! I don’t think I have tasted a fresher piece of fish. We like it sashimi style or in homemade sushi. It is also great pan-seared with lemon and garlic. My three little boys, ages 4, 6, and 8 absolutely devour this salmon. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can try it grilled. I am so excited that I discovered Alaska Gold!

  52. Bryan Robertson

    It’s been a little over a year since my last order and I’ve just finished my last piece and it was as good as the first a year ago. I’m about to order another 20 lbs.!!!!

  53. Gudrun Konzelmann

    do you ship to Canada/Ongario

  54. Kendall Whitney

    We only ship to the United States.

  55. MA Turner

    We are beyond pleased with the king salmon we ordered. The website in informative and easily navigated. The delivery is as promised with clear instructions included in the box. The salmon is delicious! We will continue to order from Alaska gold. Thank you!

  56. Miracle Matau

    How many pieces come in a 5lb and 20lb box?

  57. Kendall Whitney

    Thanks for the inquiry. The portions are ~8 ounces (half-pound), so in a 5-pound box there are 9-11 portions and in a 20-pound box there are 38-42 portions.

  58. Pauline Markenscoff

    I got my first order of 5 lbs of king salmon a couple of weeks ago. It arrived in perfect condition and it was like fresh; it did not have the slightest smell. I plan to order on a regular basis. I would like to get halibut and coho salmon as well.

  59. Linda

    Salmon arrived frozen solid and quickly. I was a little surprised that out of 10 portions, three were tail pieces….seems disproportionate. Maybe packers should try to limit those portions to what would be more proportional for a large king salmon. I want a more even selection.
    My coho package was much better, only two tails and more center cuts. All taste good, but not so fond of the tail part.

  60. David

    Dear Alaska Gold.

    Your product is first rate. I have been in the seafood industry since 1970, when my Dad, brother and I began with two ‘one-hook, one-fish” boats out of Washington State. I am still in the industry. Keep up the good work of quality seafood and independent fishers. I’m telling others of your ethic.

  61. Frank F

    Alaska Gold salmon is always of the absolute highest quality. You folks know how, not just to catch fish–but how to handle the fish after it is caught. They arrive hard frozen and perfect. Beautiful!
    Frank F
    Fisherperson and serious fish eater

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Wild King Salmon Nutrition for 8-ounce portions

1300 mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids per 100 g serving

5-pound Box

What you get: 5 pounds of 7 to 9-ounce boneless/skin-on portions (9-11 portions) of Alaska Gold™ king salmon portions. Line-caught wild salmon individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

10-pound Box

What you get: 10 pounds of 7 to 9-ounce skin-on portions (18-22 portions) of Alaska Gold™ king salmon portions. Line-caught wild salmon individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

20-pound Box

What you get: 20 pounds of 7 to 9-ounce skin-on portions (36-44 portions) of Alaska Gold™ king salmon portions. Line-caught wild salmon individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

*Note: Portion size will vary between 7 and 9 ounces. Cuts will come from the center, tail and up towards the gills. We do our best to equally distribute portion sizes and cuts so that you get a relative proportion of center cuts to tail cut. When you cook you should cook pieces with similar shapes. Because they are thinner, the tail pieces should require less cooking than the center cuts.

Use a counter-top oven and make this Weeknight Salmon Wrap weeknight salmon wrap in a matter of minutes.

Salmon wrap
Weeknight Salmon wrap.