Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod) portions

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Unusually rich and smooth, sablefish, also known as black cod, pairs perfectly with a miso marinade. Also known as butterfish, because they taste like butter, our wild sablefish is rich, buttery and velvety, and makes for an elegant meal, loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3s. Check out our black cod with Romesco recipe for ideas on how to cook your Alaska Gold sablefish.

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Product Description

More commonly known as black cod, though they technically aren’t cod, many know sablefish as butterfish because they taste like butter. They are very rich and fit perfectly with an elegant meal. Because they are loaded with healthy fatty oils, sablefish also smoke well.  Many of our customers and fishermen use them in Asian-inspired recipes. The key to cooking black cod is a mixture of salty and sweet flavorings. Our sablefish portions are very forgiving to cook because of the high concentration of heart-healthy oils, making them difficult to overcook.

One of our fisherman, Captain Cal Hayashi, makes this wonderful Pacific Rim Steamed Black Cod that many of our members make during the holidays. We also find this miso-marinated black cod recipe to be a standard classic–easy to make and guaranteed to please. The accompanying recipe video makes it easy to make gourmet sablefish at home.

Our sablefish are sustainably caught in a well-managed fishery in Southeast Alaska that is carefully managed so that future generations can fish the same way in perpetuity.

black cod recipe
Miso-marinated black cod. Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood.

Our sablefish are caught by  small boats captained by people like Linda Behnken deep in the waters of the North Pacific and are as good as it gets.


Note, these  skin-on portions of Alaska Gold™ sablefish  individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door. Each portion is hand-cut and the 6-ounce weight is an estimate. Portion size may vary between 5 and 8 ounces, so a 5-pound box might have between 10 and 15 portions, roughly. A 10-pound box will have 20 to 30 (estimates). 

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18 reviews for Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod) portions

  1. Donna Coleman

    This is my favorite fish from Alaska Gold. The taste and texture are incomparable. I have made it with the miso glaze and just broiled with butter and lemon. You can’t go wrong.

  2. Pam

    This Sablefish is excellent. Tender, juicy, delicious and healthy! It is virtually impossible to over cook this fish due to its dense quality. Saute, bake, or even fry as in Fish & Chips; it is wonderful!

  3. Fish-Fan

    I cooked some of this last night (seared skin down in a skillet then finished in the broiler). It was some of the tastiest fish I have had in a long time. Still thinking about it right now! Lucky I have many more portions to enjoy.

  4. Lee Ann

    Impeccable in quality, taste and handling care. Perfectly portioned and the freshest taste imaginable. Very buttery and silky texture and one of the most forgiving fish to prepare. Search “Nobu’s Miso-Marinated Black Cod” a famous chef known for this recipe. It’s fail-proof scrumptious elegance at its finest especially when using Alaska Gold’s incomparable beautiful black cod!

  5. Food Lover

    The fish was individually vacuum-sealed in perfect serving portion, cleaned and ready for cooking after thawing overnight. The quality is comparable to high-end restaurants – extremely fresh, tasty, buttery, just simply delicious. The prep time is practically none. It took me 2 minutes to wipe and season the fish and another 5-6 minutes to cook on a cast iron skillet. The convenience of having consistent quality and tasty fish delivered to your door is priceless especially in LA metro area where you have to spend 2 hours+ driving to a fish farmer’s market for a hit and miss quality.

  6. Elizabeth M.

    As far as I, and my family, are concerned, Sablefish the best food we on this planet! We first discovered it while vacationing in Florida in a restaurant. We were disappointed to learn that it was not available in any restaurants in our home area of New England.
    I was delighted to find that we could purchase it through Alaska Gold and cook it ourselves. I used the same recipe as used in the Florida Restaurant which is very similar to the Miso recipe included on this website. It came out amazing-every bit as good as we had previously experienced. The only challenge with this fish is bone removal- labor intensive and time consuming. But well worth it! I will be a customer for life!

  7. Steven Goldring

    I lived in Los Angeles, California for most of my life. It is easy to get great fish and seafood there. Awhile back I moved to the Midwest and it is not so easy to get good fish and seafood here. Then I found Alaska Gold Seafood and the Alaskan Sablefish (Black Cod) portions. I used to eat it all of the time, but couldn’t find it here. I ordered the 28 6 ounce portions. It’s nice having the portions already cut, frozen individually and delivered here. The Sablefish is the best. I plan on ordering more from Alaska Gold Seafood in the future. Kudos to Alaska Gold Seafood!

  8. Joe M

    Have you ever had a miso-marinade black cod? It’s just like lobster tail, but better. This is the best seafood I’ve ever had!

  9. Robert Streijl

    We live in the Northeast and cannot get the black cod easily from local supermarkets. AlaskaGoldBrand provides the most wonderful service and product. We usually cook the sablefish based on Nobu’s recipe and it always turns out great! If you know how much restaurants charge for this fish, you will feel immensely grateful to AlaskaGold! Thank you so much!

  10. Mary DiJiosia

    This Sablefish is so moist and delicious. The fat content in the fish makes it impossible to ruin. My favorite way to prepare it is on the grill and the bones just lift right out after cooking ,easy peasy. My new favorite!
    Oh and I love that you can know exactly what day it will arrive.

  11. Mimi

    Bless the lucky day we found you and your co-op team!
    The sable fish and the spot prawns we received are of superlative quality and
    freshness…. quite sunny really!
    My entire family is so grateful for this bounty you make available,
    Thank you to each and everyone of you,
    Warmest regards,

  12. Sharon Kellogg

    How much is the shipping.

  13. Kendall Whitney

    Thank you for your inquiry! Shipping is included on all orders. Free shipping!

  14. Helena Livingston

    How many pieces come in a five pound box of sablefish. It is just me so I want to make sure it’s smaller individual portions (I order fish every April from you for a friend in NY who lets me use her timeshare in Cabo, this is the first time I’m buying for myself, it’s hard on a fixed income but I love good fish. Thanks, Helena Livingston

  15. Alaska Gold Seafood

    We aim for 5 to 7-ounce portions. In a 5-pound box, you should get somewhere between 13 and 15 portions.

  16. Xiang

    This is so good. Very easy to cook. I just add some salt and air fry for 7 mins. My kid loves it too!

  17. Mengchang Chin

    just cooked 5 pieces with soy, wine, and sugar, ginger, garlic, and green onions. Best of the best.

  18. Rick

    I’ve purchased many seafood items from plenty of online retailers….
    This is simply the the best sable you can buy on the market!
    The sales and specials make it all affordable for other hard working people.
    Special THANKS! to the fisher (persons) that take the extra step to provide such an exceptional product!
    …and everyone else in the COOP.
    Good luck with the new season!

  19. Steve Toner

    I bought the Sitka package and was excited that Sablefish was part of it. I’ve done halibut and king salmon from Alaska Gold Brands, and both are excellent. The sablefish was even better. What a great fish – easy to cook, great recipes, Wow!!

  20. Pamela

    Had several choices to buy sablefish and was so glad I bought from Alaska Gold. Shipment came in frozen and the fish had AMAZING flavor! Portions are the perfect size.

  21. John in Minneapolis

    The black cod fillets are fantastic!

    I’ve eaten black cod at the finest restaurants. This product will stand up to the very best. I paired it with American wagyu beef tenderloin.

    For those of you who have never had it, it’s very easy to cook, is lightly buttery and will always impress.

    On another note, the customer service at Alaska Gold Brand is the best I’ve ever experienced for any online business.

    This company is doing it right! Make your purchase. Enjoy your Seafood. Order again.

  22. Kate Campau

    Recently placed my 1st order with Alaska Gold. Great transaction! Ordering was quick and easy, the fish arrived within a day or two, well packaged, and still frozen solid even though it was shipped to the east coast. This order was for Sablefish; it’s exquisite. I’ll definately be back for more.

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Sablefish Nutrition Facts Panel

Each 100g serving contains 1787mg of Omega-3s.

6-portion Box

What you get: Six 5 to 8-ounce skin-on portions of Alaska Gold™ sablefish individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

5-pound Box

What you get: Five pounds of 5 to 8-ounce skin-on portions (10-15 portions) of Alaska Gold™ sablefish portions individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

10-pound Box

What you get: Ten pounds of 5 to 8-ounce skin-on portions (20-30 portions) of Alaska Gold™ sablefish individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

20-pound Box

What you get: Twenty pounds of 5 to 8-ounce skin-on portions (40-60 portions) of Alaska Gold™ sablefish individually vacuum-sealed and conveniently delivered to your door.

* Note: Portion size will vary between 5 and 8 ounces.

**Cuts will come from the center, tail and up towards the gills. We do our best to equally distribute portion sizes and cuts so that you get a relative proportion of center cuts to tail cut. When you cook you should cook pieces with similar shapes. Because they are thinner, the tail pieces should require less cooking than the center cuts.

Unusually rich and smooth, black cod (or sablefish) pairs perfectly with a miso marinade. Black cod is the richest fish we sell. With more Omega-3 fatty oils than salmon, it is difficult to overcook. This Miso-marinated black cod recipe includes a video to walk you through the steps of cooking a perfect black cod.

black cod PNG

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