Sitka Wild Seafood Pack: Alaska Gold Seafood Variety Pack with Halibut, Black Cod and Rockfish

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This Sitka Variety Pack comes with Sitka, Alaska’s favorite wild seafood: Halibut, Black Cod, and Rockfish. 4 portions each of halibut (6-8 oz. portions) and black cod (5-7 oz. portions) and one pound of rockfish fillets. Our Alaska Gold Seafood is harvested at the peak of quality  by our fishermen-owned co-op based in Sitka, Alaska.

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These are some of our favorite Alaska Gold Seafood items all in one box. One Sitka Pack has 4 portions each of our halibut and black cod and 1 pound of rockfish fillets. Like our other Alaska Gold Seafood offerings, these items are caught by members of our fishermen-owned co-op and flash-frozen at the peak of quality and handled with care.

Halibut is that luxurious delicate whitefish that we think of when we think of great seafood dinners. We have been producing premium-quality halibut since 1944 and this is our 5-star restaurant quality halibut. Make this gorgeous Halibut Risotto with Spinach and Mushrooms recipe.

Black cod is a common name for sablefish and our Alaska sablefish is really rich with even more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than king salmon. This Miso-Marinated Black Cod Recipe is a well-known favorite. It is something really special that we’d love for you to try if you haven’t had it yet.  In fact, this box was in part designed for our customers to get familiar with both our black cod and our rockfish, as we assume most of our customers are familiar with halibut (our Alaska Gold halibut is of course going to be of special quality).

Our Rockfish is an Alaskan favorite. Like halibut, but meatier and heartier, this Alaska Rockfish Tacos Recipe is a  classic preparation, but our premium-quality rockfish will make a wonderful array of dishes. One example is steamed rockfish with ginger and scallions. Or a Cajun-seasoned rice and beans dish pairs well with rockfish. Our rockfish is the pinnacle of quality.

PACKAGING: Halibut portions are 8 ounces each, individually vacuum-sealed, skinless and boneless. Black cod portions are 6 ounces each, individually vacuum-sealed, skin-on and bone-less.

These rockfish fillets will vary a bit in size but a pack around one pound should generously feed 2 people and up to 4 people.

All of these items are items we provide to the finest restaurants in the United States and around the world. We hope you can enjoy them at home.

Note that there are two offers: One Sitka Pack has 4 portions each of our halibut and black cod and 1 pound of rockfish fillets and will come to 4.5 pounds net weight.

The second offer is Two x Sitka Packs, 8 halibut portions, 8 sablefish portions, 2 pounds of rockfish fillets. 9 pounds net weight.


Pack Size

1 Pack (4.5 pounds net weight), 2 Packs (9 pounds net weight)

3 reviews for Sitka Wild Seafood Pack: Alaska Gold Seafood Variety Pack with Halibut, Black Cod and Rockfish

  1. Kevin

    We’ve been enjoying the Alaska Gold halibut for years now. We gave this Sitka variety pack a try because we wanted to try the rockfish and the sablefish without having to get big boxes of them.

    Well, we’ll definitely add the sablefish and the rockfish into our ordering rotation or most likely just continue getting this variety pack box because the variety is great.

    The Alaska Gold halibut, of course, is great….and…

    We got out steak knifes to cut the rockfish. I mean this in a good way, as it’s a very meaty fish, like a tender steak in texture. We topped it with cajun spices and served with some rice and beans. And thought it was delicious.

    We made the miso-marinade recipe with the sablefish that’s on this website and thought it came out very well. Next time, we’ll simplify the recipe, but yes the sablefish is rich and decadent.

  2. Steve

    I bought the Sitka package and was excited that Sablefish was part of it. I’ve done halibut and king salmon from Alaska Gold Brands, and both are excellent. The sablefish was even better. What a great fish – easy to cook, great recipes, Wow!!

  3. Janet

    I’ve only ordered once but the fish is exceptional as advertised and am enjoying every last package. I promptly received my order but had a question. It was very impressing that when I called, a real live person picked up the phone and answered my question with knowledge and professionalism.

    Also, your line caught method vs nets touches my heart. The fish is fresh and absolutely delicious. Thank you.

    You have definitely picked up a new customer and follower.

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