Traditional Smoked King Salmon

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There’s nothing like smoked king salmon. Its high oil content makes for a perfect smoke and a  pleasant texture.  Moist, with a light smoke that doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of the salmon, our Traditional Smoked King Salmon is a decadent, guiltless indulgence…

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Product Description

Perfect for a special occasion. Already prepared, serve with a glass of your favorite beverage and crackers, and your work is done to impress your guests.When you start with a special fish, like our wild Alaska Gold king salmon, you can make an absolutely special smoked salmon.

Centuries ago, Native Americans along the Pacific Northwest used the plentiful runs of returning salmon as their primary food source. Smoking was their way of preserving the surplus salmon during the winter, until spring ushered in the following year’s run. The traditional Pacific Northwest method of smoking salmon is what is known as a “hot smoke.” Some call it “kippered salmon.” Each batch of smoked salmon is brined with a little salt and brown sugar and slowly smoked for up to 18 hours using a unique blend of hardwoods. This extended smoking process allows us to offer the richest smoked flavor and color you will ever experience. If you’re familiar with other smoked salmon, you’ll note that ours has less salt–no need to cover up the wonderful flavor of our Alaska Gold wild king salmon.

Moist, with a light smoke that doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of the salmon, our Traditional Smoked King Salmon is as good as it gets.

NOTE: This Traditional Smoked King Salmon is fully cooked and hot smoked. Once thawed, it is ready to serve. We like it with fruit and crackers and a glass of your favorite beverage.


smoked king salmon in package
This is what our smoked king salmon looks like in its packaging.

9 reviews for Traditional Smoked King Salmon

  1. Barbara W James

    I gave my sister a box of smoked salmon for Christmas and she loves it! We were discussing some of our best childhood memories and both of us talked about what a treat it was for our dad to bring home a piece of smoked salmon. She said she hadn’t had any for decades and would love some. Of course I went to work on the internet and found your company. This product looked closest to what we ate as children. I ordered the product on a Sunday and it was delivered to her home on Wednesday, still frozen! She tried it first thing on Thursday morning–she work me at 7 am to tell me she was enjoying it!!! Everything about this experience was wonderful: ordering was easy, the product was delivered in perfect condition on time, and apparently it was delicious. I live in TX and she’s in Illinois, so I am cautious about what I send since I don’t live close enough to return it. I took a chance on this and it turned out very well!!! I’ve been a vegetarian for over 30 years, but as my sis was telling me how good the salmon tasted, I told her that if anything could break my vegetarian diet, it would be smoked salmon!

  2. Janice C. Johnson

    I just received my smoked salmon and it is delicious. I care about how fish is caught and whether it’s sustainable so I was happy I found this site. I am referring several of my friends to the site and know they will be wowed.

  3. Yoni Melchert

    I brought this smoked salmon to several parties during the holiday season. I was asked by numerous people where I had purchased the smoked salmon so that they could buy some for themselves. They were as impressed with the flavor as they were with how the salmon is caught. I will be buying the “Best Value” package to replenish my depleted stock of smoked salmon!

  4. AS

    Best smoked salmon ever!

  5. Angela Coimbre

    I spent some time researching sustainable seafood companies and took a chance on Alaska Gold. I was super pleased with my experience. I ordered smoked salmon as well as the salmon and halibut filets as a Father’s Day gift. He LOVED it. His review of the smoked salmon – “Oh my god. It was so delicious. Seriously. What a treat. ” He also really enjoyed how fresh the filets were. I would absolutely order from here again!

  6. Lisa

    I have been a fan of Alaska Gold’s Coho Salmon and Albacore Medallions for awhile now, but I recently tried the Smoked Salmon. This was such a special treat! It is definitely the best smoked salmon I have ever had. My favorite way to enjoy this right now is for breakfast. I take a slice of the smoked salmon, top it with an egg over-easy and season it with salt, pepper and a little bit of turmeric.

  7. Bob

    We bought the smoked salmon for my 87 year mother for Christmas and she just loves it. It arrived the next day very well packaged. Now we’re want to order some for ourselves.

  8. Susi McNeil, Arroyo Grande,CA

    Received my smoked salmon and it was the level of quality that I’ve come to expect. Sometimes I use it as a healthy afternoon snack with a bit of organic, grass fed cream cheese. The same on a Triscut cracker is a quick and easy treat to serve unexpected friends with a nice glass of wine.

  9. Linda

    I just received my package of smoked salmon. I remembered visiting the fish market in Seattle and eating smoked salmon…nothing like it. This is the taste I remember.
    It is like eating salmon candy, so smoky and delicious.

  10. Arlene

    Hands down, without question, the best smoked salmon there is.

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Ingredients: King Salmon, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Soy Sauce, Sea Salt, Alder Wood Smoke

470 mg Omega-3s per 2 gram serving

A 6-portion box will have six 7-9 oz. portions. Each portion comes in a vacuum-sealed package that weighs approximately 7 to 9 ounces. Note that 8-ounce portions are in ~6 strips that are easy to grab as finger food.

A 5-pound box will have 9-11 portions.

A 10-pound box will have 18-22 portions.

Packages are shipped via Free Shipping and arrive on dry ice. Packages can be stored in your fridge where once thawed they will have a shelf life of 30 days. You can also store in a freezer and pull one portion out at a time to thaw or as many as you like.

Thaw under refrigeration at 38° F for 24 hours.