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Alaska Gold™ coho salmon are the gold standard for wild coho salmon. Line-caught on the open ocean when their natural oil content, color and texture are at their peak, Alaska Gold™ coho salmon are handled with the utmost of care One Fish At A Time. These are our fillets (whole salmon sides), which are perfect for grilling and serving 3-4 people each.

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Product Description

What’s special about our Alaska Gold Wild Coho Salmon Fillets…

  • These wild coho salmon fillets are perfect for the grill–use indirect heat and hardwood smoke for added flavor
  • Coho Salmon is mild in flavor, making it versatile for a variety of recipes
  • Averaging 1.0 to 1.5 pounds each, these wild salmon make a delicious, nutritious meal for a family of three or four
Wild Coho Salmon Fillet served on a Cedar Plank

Wild Coho Salmon Fillet on a Cedar Plank


Mild and delicate, coho salmon are perfect for grilling, poaching and sautéing. The size of these fillets make them especially suitable to grilling. They’re not so thick as to cause irregular cooking throughout the fillet. Just be careful not to overcook. Lighter than a king salmon, coho salmon are velvety and our line-caught coho salmon are the best there are because of the great care we take in handling them.

Wild Alaska Coho Salmon Fillet

Wild Coho Salmon Fillet

Coho salmon is perfect for grilling! Perfect texture and a mild, pleasant flavor.  Our line-caught Alaska Gold™ Wild Coho Salmon Fillets are guaranteed to please.

Wild salmon filet

Our wild salmon filets are skin-on and bone-in.

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6 reviews for Wild Coho Salmon Fillets

  1. Jenny Jamison

    This salmon is BEAUTIFUL. And also tasty. 🙂 Thank you, Alaska Gold, for being a company I can trust.

  2. Rebecca Jager

    We are so excited to find this source of salmon. After years of knowing the grocery store salmon just wasn’t the flavor and moistness we expected, our first box of Alaska Gold coho salmon fillets tasted like real salmon. Packaging was excellent. Everything arrived completely frozen and easy to store and access from our freezer. I like your One hook, One fish motto. The only think I’d change is there should be some way to recycle those lovely shipping boxes, like send them back empty for refills.

  3. AlaskaGold

    Thanks for the kind words…the cardboard boxes are recyclable and the insulation is degradable. We’ve looked into having customers ship back boxes to re-use, but currently we’re at the conclusion that it’s too risky to re-use a weakened box. It’s something that we are looking into though…

  4. Tatyana Williams

    This product is truly amazing. The taste is awesome. The picky eaters at home (kids and a baby) love it! I am coming back for the next bulk supply!

  5. Noah Canvasser

    These fillets are awesome. We only buy alaskan seafood, and the ability to get these whole fillets in bulk pricing is incredible. We used to buy defrosted salmon from the grocery store (live in TX), but realized that the undefrosted seafood counter actually tastes better. We also prefer the whole fillets with bones in bc we think they are prob processed less. Anyway, this product allows us to have incredible salmon whenever we want. Thankfully we have enough freezer space, because the bulk pricing is great. Plus, I like knowing we are supporting a sustainable seafood cooperative. Will definitely order again!

  6. Denise

    I got an order just prior to hurricane Irma. She was headed right for our home, thankfully she lost some of her power in Naples. Otherwise, it’s hard to say. We didn’t have power for a week and the main reason we ran the little generator was to keep my COHO frozen. Just getting ready to order more. I love that I know where it comes from and I know it isn’t farmed. Plus it’s delicious.

  7. Michael Hall

    In June 2018 I ordered 30 pounds of coho fillets. I was concerned because Iknew they were the prior years’s catch andI worried that the fish might be freezer burned or dry or just too old. I called and was told that the catch was probably from late fall 2017 and should be fine. I decided to take a chance, and am I ever glad Idid. Each time I open a defrosted vaccumn packed fillet, I am delighted at the fresh taste and firm texture. Simply delicious!

  8. Sandra

    the 30 lb box comes with how many fillets? Are each fillet induvidully frozen? Are they portion size or the whole fish fillet with skin and bone? Thanks

  9. Kendall Whitney

    Thank you for the inquiry. The 30-pound coho filet box comes with filets that average 1-1.5 pounds, so roughly 20-30 filets or sides of the salmon. They have skin-on, have some bones, and are each individually wrapped and flash frozen.

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Alaska Gold™ Wild Coho Salmon Fillets are sides of the coho salmon and going to average between 1.0 to 1.5 pounds each.  Price includes convenient delivery and Free Shipping. * Please note that these fillets will have pin bones in them. If you would prefer to have no pin bones in your fish, check out our coho salmon portions, which have the pin bones removed.

This  Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe is a classic Northwest dish, perfect for a summer barbecue. Using Alaska Gold™ coho salmon fillets, we offer tips on how best to prepare a cedar plank salmon.


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