We’ve been busy serving old and new customers over the past few weeks. Thanks for putting your trust in us.

Since we’ve served so many new customers in the last few weeks, we figured it would be a good time to (re)introduce ourselves. We are a fishermen-owned co-op based in Sitka, Alaska serving wild seafood and delivering nationwide. Our fishermen-owners produce hook and line-caught seafood with a relentless commitment to quality.

In addition to pride in quality, our wild Alaska seafood is managed for sustainability.

The state of Alaska wrote sustainable management of resources into their state constitution precisely because the livelihoods of so many Alaskans depend on seafood as a resource they count on not only for themselves but for their children and children’s children. Many of our fishermen learned on their parents’ boats, and a new generation of fishermen is learning from their parents all the steps it takes to produce premium-quality line-caught seafood for our discerning customers.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times noted the importance of supporting American fishermen during these times. Eric Schwaab, senior vice president for the Environmental Defense Fund was quoted as saying “[o]ver the past 20 years, American fisheries have become some of the best managed and most sustainable in the world thanks to policy reforms and the hard work of fishermen […] But now fishermen need our help. By incorporating more seafood into our diets, we can support fishermen and coastal communities that depend on seafood harvesting as a way of life.”

Our Sablefish is a classic example of our Alaska Gold principles. Rich, delicious, plentiful, and absolutely loaded with the heart-healthy omega-3s that health-conscious eaters seek when looking for wild seafood, Alaska sablefish is very well managed for the future.

Many of our customers enjoy the 6-ounce sablefish portions we produce, making them with our take on the classic Nobu Miso-marinade sablefish recipe. Sablefish is also known as Black Cod and our Black Cod Bites are a more bite-size form, good for making soups or stir fries. We’ll share more sablefish recipes throughout the month. But the miso-marinade recipe and this Teriyaki-Braised Sablefish with Rainbow Veggies recipe are great starts.

Teriyaki sablefish recipe
Teriyaki-Braised Sablefish. Photo courtesy of Alaska Seafood

Another item popular with customers is our Easy Salmon Burger Meat. We make the Easy Salmon Burger Meat while cutting the salmon portions that are popular with customers. This is our Alaska Gold Salmon but in an easy-to-prepare form. Many customers use the Easy Salmon to make these Easy Salmon Cakes, for example. This Easy Thai Salmon Balls Recipe from a customer has become a staple in our family. Easy Salmon Burger Meat is a great value for the quality, especially ON SALE, which it will be all April.

Easy Salmon Cakes
Easy Salmon Cakes

So, take note, our Sablefish–including our Sablefish portions and our Black Cod Bites–in addition to our Easy Salmon Burger Meat will be on sale all April.

Thank you for putting your trust in us,

The Folks at Alaska Gold Seafood