Sablefish Recipes

Sablefish, otherwise known as black cod, is smooth, buttery, and velvety. Loaded with healthy fats and oils, our sablefish is wild-caught from pristine Alaska waters. It’s no wonder that sablefish is so popular in restaurants in the Pacific Northwest!

Black Cod with Romesco

Our Alaska Gold sablefish is a decadent pairing with Romesco, a piquant sauce made from tomatoes, peppers, almonds, and garlic from Catalonia. *DF, GF

Black Cod Stir Fry with Teriyaki

Our Black Cod Bites sit pretty in the salty sweet glaze of teriyaki in this stir fry. *DF

Honey Black Cod

Easy, healthy and delicious, this black cod recipe pairs wonderful flavors. *DF

Saké-Marinated Sablefish

This Asian-inspired sake-marinade is delicious on our rich and filling black cod. *DF

Pacific Rim Style Black Cod 

A stunning recipe from Captain Calvin Hayashi with flavors of the Pacific Rim. *DF

Poached Black Cod

This Olive Oil Poached Alaska Black Cod with Couscous and Saffron Broth is just over-the-top. Enjoy on a special occasion! *DF

Miso-marinated Black Cod

Here is a video showing our take on the classic miso-marinated black cod recipe. *DF