The Aljac, a salmon trolling boat, in the waters of Southeast Alaska.

The Aljac trolling for salmon in the rips and tides in Southeast Alaska.

Jim and Pam Moore of the F/V Aljac have been Alaskan commercial fishermen since 1971.  Fishing has always been a family operation for the Moores.

Fisherman with Giant King Salmon

Jim Moore with a giant line-caught salmon from his boat The Aljac

Ever since their children were 4 months old, they have experienced the Alaskan fishing lifestyle, which has included storms at sea and lots of fish. Together, the Moores have experienced unique adventures each and every day. They’ve watched incredible sea life and gazed at wilderness scenery and, of course, they have eaten lots of fish together.

Seafood Producers Cooperative enables fishermen members, like the Moore family, to stay true to traditional hook and line fishing methods that not only bring premium quality seafood to our customers’ plates but allow our fishermen to continue fishing for generations to come.


The Aljac trolling for salmon near the Fairweather Grounds in Southeast Alaska.

Our cooperative is built on the work of families whose livelihoods depend on the health of our waters.

Living in tight spaces has made the family tight, so tight that the Moores’ sons, Jonathan who owns the F/V Ocean Belle and Joshua, Captain of the F/V Castaway, are also fishermen and Seafood Producers Cooperative members. Below is a picture of the Moore family moored together:

The 3 boats owned by 3 Moore family members

The Moore Family Fishing Boats Moored Together.