Dear Alaska Gold customers,

October is National Seafood Month and we will be celebrating the positive impacts of seafood and highlighting some of our Alaska Gold favorites. Here are a few highlights of what makes seafood special and why we should include it in our routines:

It is a great time to stock up on our wild Alaska seafood. Here are some ways to best do that:

1) Some customers get large orders for cost savings, either by filling their own freezers and/or sharing with friends and families. One big savings is our Alaska Gold Bulk coupon. Use the following coupon code for 15% off orders over $700: AKGold_Bulk

2) Another way to get cost savings is by using our sampler pack coupons:

Get $50 off when ordering 2 frozen seafood items with the following coupon code: 2fishsamplerpack

Get $75 off when ordering 3 frozen seafood items with following coupon code: 3fishsamplerpack

Get $100 off when ordering 4 frozen seafood items with following coupon code: 4fishsamplerpack

Use either of these coupons to get savings also on Seafood Month SALE items.

Halibut with risotto, spinach and mushrooms
*Both our sampler coupons and our bulk coupon are always available for customers to use and this is a reminder for you if you’re interested in stocking up now on multiple items.

We’ll be featuring a few seafood items on sale this month in our newsletters, so pay attention for some deals throughout October.

With gratitude,

The Folks at Alaska Gold Seafood