We are experiencing an unprecedented order volume. The last weeks have seen more sales than the busiest holiday shopping weeks. Though we get no joy that these are the circumstances that are bringing us so much business both from longtime and new customers, we are glad that you put your trust in us.

We are doing our best working overtime to ship orders out in a timely manner. But nevertheless, we are behind. And some of you have experienced order delays during the past week or two. We apologize.

Please note that we are fishing. We have fish to sell and we are NOT short of fish. However, the supply chain is what is slowing us down. It takes time to portion, box, kit items, and get them to the appropriate shipping hub for shipment. Our shipping team is working as hard as possible to get orders out in a timely manner and we are getting orders out.

We are doing the following to make things as smooth as possible:

We are shipping orders out as best we can in a first-in, first-out order, though prioritizing orders in 2 and 3-day zones.

We are eliminating our 6-pack and 12-pack canned item options, as these take our shipping teams more time to kit. Please just order the full cases of our canned tuna and canned ivory king salmon. These are shelf-stable items and you get the best price per pound in the full case options. And they are delicious–we have been enjoying lunches with the canned tuna and canned salmon. **Also, if placing orders for both canned items and frozen items, please place separate orders. There is a manual adjustment we have to do on our end to split frozen and canned orders, and this extra adjustment in the shipping computer just adds to delays.

We are also asking that you email rather than call. It takes 5-10 times longer to help you via phone versus email. So we’d really prefer that you email us. We will get back to you ASAP with the most current information.

Once again, we are getting orders out. But please temper your expectations on when you will receive orders.

Lastly, we appreciate your support of American fishermen and USA-produced seafood. We will all need each other’s support during these times.