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Easy & Delicious Tuna Melt Recipe

Canned Albacore tuna
Tuna melt

What do fishermen eat when they’re working?

A day out fishing might mean 18 hours straight of hauling in fish, processing and chilling them. There isn’t time to prepare a fancy meal. But a fisherman will need lots of nutrition to keep him going all day.

Here’s an easy and delicious tuna melt recipe that comes from Becky Haun.

Put  a can of SPC Brand canned albacore tuna into a mixture of 1/2 mayo and 1/2 sweet relish.

Put the mixture  onto a few English muffins or sourdough bread. Put a slice of  your favorite cheese on top–we like provolone or cheddar– and melt the cheese and toast the bread in the ship’s broiler for a couple of minutes or so. And voila! Best tuna melt recipe ever!


Canned tuna.