New Year, new seafood. After many questions about Alaskan crab, we’re excited to announce that our Dungeness Crab Clusters are ready to ship straight to your door.

Our Dungeness Crab Clusters have a mild flavor with a hint of sweetness, making it a favorite among seafood-lovers. Aside from its delicious flavor and easy preparation, our Dungeness Crab is high in a number of key nutrients unique to wild seafood.

Dungeness crab is especially rich in vitamin B12, which is linked to healthy skin, healthy bones and joints, and improvements in cognition and memory. Dungeness crab is also high in heart-healthy Omega-3s and selenium, which support athletic performance and recovery. Selenium is considered a key nutrient for athletes because of its anti-inflammatory properties, while Omega-3s bolster cardiovascular performance by lowering resting heart rates and supporting cardiovascular recovery after exercise. With health benefits for your body, your brain, and your heart, our Dungeness Crab Clusters are the perfect way to eat healthier in 2021.

Health benefits of Alaskan shellfish
Infographic courtesy of Alaska Seafood.