Coho Salmon with Olive Salsa

Coho with Olive Salsa Recipe

Fresh, healthful, and tasty, our Alaska Gold Coho Salmon is topped with a Mediterranean medley of green olive salsa.

King Salmon with Lemon Capers

King Salmon with Lemon Recipe

Lemons and capers and little else are what holds together the marine-derived heart-healthy fats abundant in king salmon.

Keta Salmon Curry Recipe

This Keta Salmon Curry with Lemongrass and Galanga Recipe borrows heavily from the colorful vegetable-forward beauty of Mediterranean cuisine. In this dish, wild keta salmon is poached with strong Thai flavors of ginger, galanga and lemongrass in a robust curry.

Creamy Tuscan Coho Salmon

Creamy Tuscan coho salmon recipe

Try our Alaska Gold coho salmon in this delicious, rich, and creamy sauce paired with lemon, tomato, and spinach.

Sweet Chili Keta Salmon Recipe

Sweet Chili Keta Recipe

This Sweet Chili Keta Salmon recipe is a quick and impressive dinner that adds great flavor to the mild keta salmon.

Coconut Miso Coho Salmon

Coconut miso salmon

One of our customers calls this dish her “go-to” nice dinner dish. The flavoring of the coconut and the miso really pair nicely with the coho salmon.

Weeknight Salmon Wrap

Easy Weeknight King Salmon Salad Wrap

Use a counter-top oven and make this weeknight salmon wrap in a matter of minutes.

Smoked Salmon Spread

A delicious smoked salmon spread for your bagel.

Salmon with Capers & Dill

Pan roasted alaskan salmon recipe

In 15 minutes, enjoy the wonderful pairing of capers and salmon.

Poached Ivory King Salmon

Poached Ivory King Salmon with greens

Our Poached Ivory King Salmon recipe is the perfect way to prepare our ivory king salmon.

Chipotle Alaska Salmon

Planked chipotle salmon recipe

Try this Planked Alaska Salmon with Sunny Chipotle Rub Recipe to spice up your your weeknight dinner routine. Alaska salmon is a healthy, sustainable choice for a protein that will nourish your family.

Chile-Citrus Salmon Tacos

Citrus salmon tacos recipe

Salmon is perfect for tacos. This Alaska Salmon Chile-Citrus Tacos Recipe will be a hit for your next taco night.

Lavender Salt Salmon Rub

An easy to prepare recipe that will leave you in love with Alaska Gold Coho.

Salmon & Tamari Peach Salsa

Coho Salmon with Peach Salsa

A Baked Coho Salmon with Tamari Peach Salsa Recipe from Food Network Star Top Finalist Emma Frisch.

Sweet and Nutty Coho Salmon

Alaska Salmon

An easy to prepare recipe that will leave you in love with Alaska Gold Coho.

Sake-Poached Salmon

Sake poached salmon recipe

Here’s a unique take on poaching salmon using Asian-inspired ingredients like saké, miso, dashi and shiitake mushrooms. This saké-poached salmon recipe works really well with our coho salmon portions.

Ginger Salmon

Salmon with ginger

This Ginger Salmon Recipe with Soy Glaze will bring a wonderful ginger-garlic aroma to your kitchen while cooking.

Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar plank salmon recipe

This cedar plank salmon recipe is a classic Northwest dish. This video shows the basics of how to prepare a cedar plank salmon.

Canned Salmon Salad Recipe

Canned Salmon Salad Recipe

The broad range of colors mean a variety of nutrients and the addition of our canned salmon provides a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, lean protein, B vitamins, and vitamin D.